To The Max.







There.  I said it. 

My Mom has sewn with knits for years, and has always loved them.  When I was a girl Mom made me some darling dresses with knits.  I love the way knit feels, and I love wearing knit-y things.  But, I've always been a little hesitant sewing with them. 

I have made myself a few knit garments, and usually they end up on the side of a-pain-to-sew-with and I-don't-wear-it-long-before-I-get-rid-of-it-because-it-looks-homemade.  I hope someone out there understands.  I'm not a perfectionist for the most part, but I hate it when I sew up a garment and it looks like I sewed it.  Cringe.

Well, the time rolls around again when I voice to Mom how much I would love to have a maxi knit skirt that is cute and comfortable and I sewed it.  And, of course, Anna Maria Horner having just come out with new knits gave the perfect excuse to try ONE more time and get over my fear of sewing with knits. 

People, I'm here to tell you….. I DID IT!!!

That's right!  All those pictures above are photographic evidence.  I purchased a piece of Anna's knits from some of our favorite fabric folks (hi, Quilt Home!), and made myself a skirt.  In fact, I made it in about 1 – 1 1/2 hours one evening.  So I could wear it to Church the next day, of course.  And, I love it. Yay!!!!

This knit is a dream to sew with.  Most of the other knits I've worked with want to catch and slide around, then catch some more.  Then, when you put it on it wants to grab you and cling in all the places you are telling it not to.  Not this knit!  I also just used my regular machine with a stretch knit stitch (because sergers kind of scare me to death).  No problem-o.

So, I guess this means I'm officially a sewing with knit survivor and advocate, right?  I know (because My Mom has told me this for years…) that not all knits are created equal.  So, if you're like me and have sewn with knits and had bad results, pick another knit and try again.  You can conquer!  And, while I'm at it, may I recommend the knits that I used?

Did I mention it's as comfortable as pjs?

If you have any knit experiences (bad or good) do share them!

xoxo Achaia

Needlework Thursday

Today I've been thinking about all the marvelous things you can do with a needle.  Just seeing a Pinterest picture or a photo on someone's blog of something beautiful that's stitched makes me giddy.

The most recent hand project I've started on is this beauty above.  Talk about LOTS and LOTS of cross stitching.  I know.  I bought the PDF pattern on Etsy a few months ago, and just a couple weeks ago decided I was ready to plunge in.  It will be soooo exciting to see it completed!

Below I'm going to share with you some beautiful handstitched works.  Some of the forms are different (crewel, most just embroidery). Enjoy the eye candy!

xx Achaia



Crewel Embroidery.  I absolutely LOVE this.


I love Anna Michelle's work, and this ballerina is no exception.


Raindrops keep fallin' on my head….. Simple, but packs lots of punch in all the colors, don't you think?


I bought this PDF pattern already, and am looking forward to making it.  How can you resist a cute tiger??


I LOOOOVVVVE Rita Hayworth's blouse in this photo!!!  All the attention to detail + the styling = magnificent.  It doesn't even seem to bother me that the photo's in black and white so I can't see color.  I can just imgaine…..


Anna Maria Horner put this little birdie on a sash for her daughter a few years ago.  Cutest thing.


Love this piece. 

Modern Prairie Sewing Blog Hop!!

WOOHOO!!! Hooray for Abi's blog hop! Abi was SO sweet to ask me to do a project for her blog hop…especially since I'm not the world's greatest seamstress. Shame on me, I know. Of course, I can sew, but all of my sisters are a whole lot better at it than me. Anyway, this is seriously THE GREATEST book (and I'm not biased!!!). Abi did an amazing job, and every project is so beautiful. Another reason I adore this book is the photography…I was so blessed to get to be behind the scenes, and watch an amazing photographer work.  YOU REALLY NEED YOUR OWN COPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For my project, I decided to do the It's A Cinch Belt. I used an Anna Maria Drawing Room Home Dec for the main belt, and Amy Butler Hapi in cotton for the contrasting side and ties. It was SO easy, and I had it whipped up in no time flat. All of the instructions are very clear, and with illustrations if you're a visual kind of girl (like me). I am so happy with the way it turned out, and even more thrilled that Abi was so tickled!

Oh, and don't forget that Abi is giving away two copies of her book along with two made projects from the book. Go check her blog for the giveaways going on August 29th through 31st!!!

Now, check out all these awesome seamstresses blogs, and see the cute things they made from the book!!

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Abiah! August   28th
xoxo, Abiah

Modern Prairie Sewing now available!!


It's true, it's finally here!!!  Abigail's book, Modern Prairie Sewing, is now available for purchase!  Here are some places where you can get your book fix….

Amazon (By the way, Abi has three 5-star reviews on Amazon!  She about died.)

Barnes & Noble

C & T Publishing

And, if you'd like to carry Abi's book in your shop check out your wholesalers (this is the only one we know of so far that is carrying it, but be sure to ask!)….

Checker Distributors


Of course, if you are a NOOK fan, you can get it that way too!

We are so proud of our girl!  She really has done a fantastic job on this beauty.  (And we definitely aren't saying this because we got to land on the cover.)

Enjoy your day!


A Fabulous Friday.

Happy Friday!!  We hope it's the start of a beautiful weekend.


{Kristie's picks}

Mom'spicks1  Mom'spicks2

Mom'spicks3  Mom'spicks4
1. This is THE ultimate lamp (Plus, it's ruby and electric!)

2. fabulous shirt

3. I love this sweatshirt

4. Spending time with my parents, just like we used to.

{Abiah's picks}

Bugspicks1  Bugspicks2

Bugspicks3  Bugspicks4

1. One of my new favorite books!

2. I could spend all my money at Boden!  Practically.

3. This hair is perfect… love the bangs!  I'm completely stuck on mine!!

4. Steve McQueen.  One of my favorite actors!

{Achaia's picks}

Kayspicks1  Kayspicks2

Kayspicks3  Kayspicks4

1. '70s hair and make-up (love this show!)

2. Making me think.

3. My family.  I loved spending time with them the past two weeks.  So many lovely people missing from this picture, though!

4. The new bag Paps bought me.  I LOVE it!

{Apphia's picks}

Phispicks1  Phispicks2

Phispicks3  Phispicks4

1. Cartography Buttondown, my new fave.

2. The perfect nude heel — can these be like 80% off now?

3. A beautiful leather clutch for all seasons

4. On the hunt for a sterling silver locket. (thank you, Jill.)

{Abigail's picks}

Abspicks2  Abspicks3

Abspicks4  Abspicks5

1. My first SEWING BOOK!!!!  I love it.  I look through it and see my best friends.  It makes me super duper happy!!!

2. It’s no secret that our family is big into music. Our Paps had a fabulously cool band in the 60s. It’s a really fun and unique heritage that me and my sisters are super thankful to be a part of. This music will want to make you jam! Have fun!

3. I heart this skirt!

4. My Paps bought me this jacket.  I absolutely adore it!!  I've been looking for the perfect denim jacket FOREVER.  (Alert!  This is it!)

Modern Prairie Sewing: 20 Handmade Projects for You and Your Friends


Hi all! Wow!  I can hardly believe it. I really can't. It's been a long few years getting this dream together, and it's been so exciting for me to see it all come together!  SO!  I'm super happy to tell you that I wrote a sewing book – and it's coming OUT to all of YOU this July!!!!  This book is full of fabulously fun and fresh projects that'll be able to be used by everyone!!


This really easy-for-beginner quilt is found in Modern Prairie Sewing! (Who else loves that beautiful red hair?!)


My gorgeous sisters, Apphia & Achaia, show off the Turnabout Blouse. One of the 20 projects you'll find in Modern Prairie Sewing!

These are only a couple sneak peeks!  I'm so excited and can't wait for all of you to have your own copy and show me what all you sew up!!! You can read more about Modern Prairie Sewing over at my blog, The Modern Prairie Girl

Let's start sewing!


A Fabulous Friday.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Since Nan left on Wednesday we are going to spend the day thinking of all the things we love (we miss her so).  xx

PS  All Lakehouse fabrics are 20% off through the end of the month… enjoy!

{Kristie's picks}

Mom1 Mom3 Mom2 Mom4

1. KL linen

2. I love this CD

3. my fleece lined slippers

4. Cheerios!

{Apphia's picks}

Phi3 Phi4

Phi1 Phi2
1. giant flowers make me happy

2. Yes, please

3. I'd love this Anthro jacket for chilly end-of-winter and early spring days

4. my new favorite blush (and it's on clearance!)

{Abigail's picks}

Abs2 Abs1
Abs3 Abs4

1. the perfect graphic tee!

2. my new favorite skirt!  I think I'll wear it all summer long!

3. I simply adore my grandpa, Paps!  I love and miss you and Nan!!

4. Snowcones!  I'm ready for summer!

{Abiah's picks}

Bug1 Bug33

Bug4 Bug22

1. Bangs… I love mine!  Thanks, Nan!

2. Boden is so cute!  Love their florals!

3. I like this quote

4. Converse tennies… these are so cute!

{Achaia's picks}

Kay11 Kay4

Kay.3 Kay2

1. I love the vintage costume designs on the wall

2. Lately I have been inspired by everything that involves handwork!

3.  this is the best chocolate.EVER

4. my best flea market find ever… a framed Rocky poster!

Expensive Inspiration: French Knot Sweater





I admired J.Crew's beautiful French Knot Sweater as soon as I saw it in the catalog a few months ago.  Really, you all probably know me pretty well by now, right?  How in the world can I resist anything with handwork attached to it?  Of course, the price tag stopped me from scrambling to scoop it up.  But then I got an idea.  I'm always up for something that I have to do with a needle and thread so why not try making my own version?  I decided to give it a whirl.


J.Crew's sweater is merino wool, so I wanted to try and find a merino wool one for myself.  I went on eBay and in about 10 minutes found a brand new with tags Banana Republic one (for a fraction of the price, naturally).  Score!



I decided against doing the sleeves as well (even though the J.Crew one has their sleeves done), as they would just be too tight to work with.  Overall, I'm extremely happy and satisfied with my version.  I even used two different colors of pearl cotton to get 'the look'.


I got the opportunity to wear it while we were down in Texas a few weeks ago.  It's amazing for me to look at these pictures today… there I am perfectly comfortable in my outfit, and today it's snowing outside.  Just a few weeks can change everything!  Maybe tomorrow we'll go roll around in the snow.

xoxoxoxo Achaia

A Fabulous Friday.

Friday always reminds us to enjoy the simple things.  We plan on plopping on the couch for movies and pizza in just a couple hours.  Have a great weekend! xox

{Achaia's picks}

Kaypick4 Kaypicks2
Kaypicks1 Kaypicks3

1. Jackie Kennedy's famous pink boucle suit

2. something to hang onto

3. dancing is one of my very favorite things to do!

4. Boden's festive clothes are awesome — love her sparkly shoes too!

{Abiah's picks}

Boopicks1 Boopicks4Boopicks2Boopicks3

1. I'm working so this can be me!!  I love her outfit too!

2. love this quote

3. I love pencil skirts and these are so cute!!  I am especially partial to the bottom middle three.

4. 25 DIY ideas for an outdoor movie night

{Kristie's picks}

Momspicks1 Mom'spick
Momspicks2 Momspicks3
1. I love vintage His & Hers or Mr. & Mrs. pillowcases!

2. I'm so excited for the new Flower Sugar to arrive in January

3. Pam Kitty Picnic arrived today! (And should be up on the site tomorrow!!)

4. Wonderful book (especially for reading around this time of year.)

{Abigail's picks}

Abspicks1 Abspicks2

Abspicks3 Abspicks4
1. my adorable, furry friend Brandywine

2. North to Alaska

3. paint makes me want to paint, especially when they're this lovely

4. Pam Kitty! (And all of our friends at Quilt Market!)

{Apphia's picks}

Phispicks1 Phispicks4

Phispicks2 Phispicks3
1. One of my all-time favorite sweaters

2. thinking ahead!

3. Plaid and denim and quilting and rhinestones

4. 50 years ago today

Light Peasantries




I am happy to say that my embroidery adventures (starting here and here) have blossomed onto a peasant top!!!





While Nan was here in February, we did some closet cleaning and I came across this white peasant blouse.  The fabric feels wonderful, but I just didn't have much use for a plain white shirt like this.  So, we pulled it out, used my light box and some embroidery transfers from the 70s, and I got stitching!   I had the best time working on it.  I'm a huge fan of embroidered garments, and it's exciting to think that I can make my own!  I already have plans for something else…. I can't wait to share.

xxx Achaia