the Modern Prairie Girl – PDF patterns!!!!

Modern Prairie Girl, the PDF Patterns


Modern Prairie Girl, the PDF Patterns

Howdy everyone!

I just wanted to stop by here at the marie-madeline blog and share with you that I’ve designed and am now selling 2 new PDF patterns!!  I’m so excited with how they’ve turned out and I’d love to hear what you all think about them too!

The above pattern, Sophie Bags Crossbody & Clutch, is one of my favorite bag patterns. The crossbody is sturdy and perfect for long days, while still boasting of something pretty like the gathered eye-catching panel on the front of the bag. The clutch is one of my go-to bags. Not just because it is pretty, but because carrying it feels pretty!

Here are so more pictures of the Sophie bags!

The Sophie Bags

The Sophie BagsThe Sophie BagsThe Sophie BagsThe Sophie BagsThe Sophie Bags



The Reflections Quilt pattern is a quick and fun make for anyone that loves quilting (or at least wants to give it a try!). The pattern includes three sizes: twin, full/queen & king. So everyone can have one.

Reflections QuiltReflections QuiltReflections Quilt




Read more and see more about my patterns over at my blog, the Modern Prairie Girl.

Reflections Quilt

Sophie Bags Crossbody & Clutch

Check out my Etsy shop, the Modern Prairie Girl!!!!

Thanks for letting me stop by and chat a spell. It’s been fun!

happy sewing, Abi

A Fabulous Friday.

Happy Friday!!  We hope it's the start of a beautiful weekend.


{Kristie's picks}

Mom'spicks1  Mom'spicks2

Mom'spicks3  Mom'spicks4
1. This is THE ultimate lamp (Plus, it's ruby and electric!)

2. fabulous shirt

3. I love this sweatshirt

4. Spending time with my parents, just like we used to.

{Abiah's picks}

Bugspicks1  Bugspicks2

Bugspicks3  Bugspicks4

1. One of my new favorite books!

2. I could spend all my money at Boden!  Practically.

3. This hair is perfect… love the bangs!  I'm completely stuck on mine!!

4. Steve McQueen.  One of my favorite actors!

{Achaia's picks}

Kayspicks1  Kayspicks2

Kayspicks3  Kayspicks4

1. '70s hair and make-up (love this show!)

2. Making me think.

3. My family.  I loved spending time with them the past two weeks.  So many lovely people missing from this picture, though!

4. The new bag Paps bought me.  I LOVE it!

{Apphia's picks}

Phispicks1  Phispicks2

Phispicks3  Phispicks4

1. Cartography Buttondown, my new fave.

2. The perfect nude heel — can these be like 80% off now?

3. A beautiful leather clutch for all seasons

4. On the hunt for a sterling silver locket. (thank you, Jill.)

{Abigail's picks}

Abspicks2  Abspicks3

Abspicks4  Abspicks5

1. My first SEWING BOOK!!!!  I love it.  I look through it and see my best friends.  It makes me super duper happy!!!

2. It’s no secret that our family is big into music. Our Paps had a fabulously cool band in the 60s. It’s a really fun and unique heritage that me and my sisters are super thankful to be a part of. This music will want to make you jam! Have fun!

3. I heart this skirt!

4. My Paps bought me this jacket.  I absolutely adore it!!  I've been looking for the perfect denim jacket FOREVER.  (Alert!  This is it!)

Summer Wear



Abiah~ {dress – Boden-birthday gift} {vintage boots – Etsy} {green satchel – TJMaxx} {sparkle bracelet – CrewCuts} {sunglasses – Walgreens} {friendship bracelets – handmade with friends}


Abigail ~ {racer-back jumper – made by me} {pink tee – American Eagle} {flip flops – Old Navy} {straw bag – Target} {sunglasses – Dooley's in Fredericksburg, TX} {camera – Christmas gift}


Achaia~ {Odille skirt – eBay} {melon tee – TJMaxx} {embroidered shoes – Anthropologie-sale} {bicycle tote – Anthropologie-sale}

We realized it had been so long since we last had some fun laying out outfits that we liked!  Since Mom and Apphia were out this morning running errands we took the time to do it. It's always fun to come up with new outfit ideas.  They might just come in handy for our upcoming trip!

So, out of the three cast your vote… which one best suits your taste?  Which one would YOU wear first? (No hurt feelings over here, promise.)

xoxo Achaia, Abigail, and Abiah

Circus Laundry Bags! {a tutorial}


With vacations, camping, and all the running around that summer happily brings, what could be more useful (and helpful) than a good laundry bag??  That's what we thought!  So we're bringing you the Circus laundry bags – in two sizes!! (Because getting ready for and going on vacation around here is just that: a three ring circus!)

Circus Laundry Bags

Note to sewist:::  the pictures shown during construction were taken when we made the big size. However, both laundry bags have the exact same directions. Yippee!

size Big

-a string of crochet thread or yarn 23'' long

-1 1/4 yd for base

-23'' x 38'' for fabric tunnel

-casing 4'' x 38 1/2''

-drawstring 2'' x 2, 45"

-washable marker

size Small

-a string of crochet thread or yarn 19 1/4'' long

-1 yd for base

-18'' x 27 1/4" for tunnel

-casing 4" x 27 3/4"

-drawstring 2" x 1 1/2, 45"

-washable marker

Let's sew up your Circus laundry bags!


1. Take your piece of yarn and knot it to the washable marker.


2. Put your marker at one end of your folded fabric and lightly (but tightly) hold your thread down while you draw your half circle.


3. Cut your circle out! Set aside.


4. Right sides together, sew your tunnel down side the shorter side. Serge for extra strength. (Who doesn't stuff a laundry bag?!)


5. Run a gathering stitch around your circle. Divide your circle and tunnel in fourths.


6. Right sides together, pin your circle to your tunnel.


7. Gather your circle to fit your tunnel. Pin like crazy!


8. Serge at 5/8''. Trim off excess. (if you have excess!)


9. Turn right side out! Even though it's looking like a circus tent right now, I promise; it'll be a laundry bag in the next 5 minutes!


10. Take your 4'' casing strip and iron the ends up at 1/4".


11. Fold over again and sew.


12. Press raw edges in to meet in the middle.


13. This is not a must, but I suggest serging the top of your unfinished tunnel. This helps prevent fraying.


14. Sandwich the raw edge of your tunnel in your casing.



15. Sew your casing down at lower edge. Make sure that you caught all of the casing on the wrong side of your bag.


16. Take your drawstring strips of fabric and sew two short ends together. Press raw edges in to meet in the middle.


17. Fold the end in before you fold it in half and sew down the side.


18. Sew down the side.


19. Fold the edge at the bottom in before you sew to the end.


20. Grab a bodkin or a large safety pin and pull your drawstring through your casing.


21. Knot the ends of your drawstrings for a finishing touch.

Let the games begin!




love, Abi

The cutest little zip pouches ever!


We were super thrilled to receive an email from one of our customers with this gorgeous photo attached.  Carrie had purchased some of the Sugar Hill and Delilah fabrics from our shop (now in the $6-a-yard section!) to create these fabulous little zipping pouches for a Mother Daughter Tea.  Have you ever seen anything so adorable?!  (To tell the truth, we were just a tiny bit jealous.  We all wanted one too.)  Check out more of Carrie's lovely work over here.  (We have our eyes on the oilcloth zipping totes!)

We hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

Lots of love from here, xoxo

Have Tote, Will Travel


I finished my tote!!  I'm over-the-top-happy-excited about it.


As I mentioned, I used Anna Maria Horner's Art Student Tote pattern (and I might add here that everyone kept making fun of me because I went around calling it the "art student tote", in place of the plain "my new bag"…).  I loved the look of the bag on the front of the pattern, but this time was my first making it. 


And look!  Not only did I make the biggest bloomin' bag on the pattern, BUT I also made that snazzy extension panel!  It really does make this bag fit for lots of things.  It's amazingly big.


Even though I figure I never need to give a good reason for making a brand new bag, I will tell you that I'd originally intended it for something in particular. Do you remember my embroidery project???  Well, I have really taken such a HUGE liking – no LOVING – to doing handwork that I need a bag to carry everything around.  Speaking of embroidery, I just finished another project that I hope to share soon.  


Now.  I've come to the conclusion (with help, of course) that this tote might even be a teensy bit too large for my embroidery goodies, so I'm using this as a carry-on-a-trip-tote, and plan on making another Art Student tote – minus the extension panel – for my handwork.  Good excuse to pick out more pretty fabric and have another new bag, right??  My thinking exactly.  I mean, really, we're talking about the girl that was asking for purses and bags for her birthday before she was 7 years old. 



So, I'm planning on carting around this lovely on our upcoming vacation.  It should house a couple of books, notebook and pens, red and white mints, and a needlepoint tapestry project.

xox! Achaia

A Fabulous Friday

{abigail's picks}

Fabric Amybutler

Lecardigan Richmullins

1. My gorgeous AMH home dec fabric from Quilt Home

2. One of Amy Butler's newest bag patterns.  I love it!!

3. This adorable cardigan from Lands' End Canvas in blush

4. Rich Mullins – especially the song My One Thing

{apphia's picks}

Phi3 Phi4

Phi2 Phi1

1. My new favorite bag

2. I love Grace Kelly

3. I love the all-American theme of this outfit, and I want to try out the vintage scarf in my hair!

4. I think having one brick wall in your bedroom is so awesome

{abiah's picks}

Bug1 Bug2

Bug3 Bug4

1. My shirt from Target!

2. This awesome movie!

3. I love S'mores… and these are too cute!!

4. Glitter that I got for my birthday.  It looks a lot like this!

{kristie's picks}

Mom2 Mom3

Mom1  Mom4

1. A fellow Hoosier

2. I love this movie!

3. Texas

4. My kisslock clutch wallet

{achaia's picks}

Kay1 Kay2

Kay3 Kay4

1. I'm so excited about this big tote that I'm making

2. Anna Maria Horner's Field Study fabrics!

3. Top Notch cheeseburgers in Austin, TX

4. Vintage swimsuits


Now, now…. what are you taking pleasure in today??  Happy Friday! xoxx

Expensive Inspiration:: THE Clutch



Dreamweaver clutch2

Theirs.  (photo credit here)




When Abiah saw the Dreamweaver Clutch in the J.Crew catalog, she knew that IT was IT.  Of course, the $325 price about made her collapse too (that's what we call a 'double collapse' — one from sheer cuteness, the other from sheer expensiveness).  So, what would'ya know??  Some help from Apphia for pattern + directions + a few stitches later Abiah was wowing us all with this darling clutch!



She loves it, and has carried it around ever since.  It seems to be just the right size for all of her goodies.  Oh?!  And isn't that matching zipper fabulous?  And the lining has pockets too. 

Okay, okay!  Is there anyone else out there that's a clutch carrier??

Happy Wednesday! xoxo

PS~  We just wanted to let you all in on a quick sale, if you don't receive our newsletter!  Dear Stella is 20% off through May 4th AND we have lots of new $5/$6 yard fabrics!

sometimes… I’m inspired

Spring is really inspiring to me! (Me, being Abigail.) First. It inspires me to make a rain hat to match my rain coat. I love it! Besides…. who can go on a walk when it's raining outside without a rain hat too? (Thanks to Nan for sending me a hat pattern I could play with!)

Early jan 002
Early jan 003
Then my aunt (who happens to have very cute toenails… remember?) inspired me by sending us a clipping from a magazine… Of course, it doesn't look quite like it looked in the magazine clipping. But that's part of the fun of it! (And it definately causes beautiful sleep!) So I made this:

Inspirations 012

It's very easy… would anyone like some instructions?

Bags. I'm bag crazy, (like all my other sisters! Thanks Mommy!) So I came up with this… perfect tag-along, I thought! I named it Jenny, after two very special ladies.

Inspirations 001

I'd better go now! Tell me this: what does Spring inspire you to do?

xx, Abs

messenger bag madness

We've been bitten by the messenger bag bug.  It's been so much fun to sew them up, then give them away.  We've sewn a few for ourselves, too.  And a few for friends.

So… we'd like to introduce to you marie-madeline studio's newest product category.  That's right — messenger bags!!  We hope to make a bunch to add to the store over the next week or two.  But if you'd rather not wait and would like to choose your own fabrics, drop us an email!  Special thanks to all of you ladies who suggested adding messenger bags to our repertoire.  As always, we love hearing your suggestions!

Abigail with the original "packie", way back in July of last year… just think about what we've gotten ourselves into now!

Anyway, we just wanted to drop in and say "hello!"  We hope you all are having a lovely day, because we sure are.  It's good to be together…

xoxo, the Long ladies

P.S.  If you're a seamstress yourself – and love this messenger bag – don't be shy about printing out our handy tutorial!  Happy sewing~

A pinch of this, a dash of that.

Route 66 skirts 187 
Hello, hello, to everyone!  We hope your Monday has been as cheerful as ours.  There are a few little things we'd like to share with you, so here goes…

~Our first ever for-sale happy scrappy twin sized quilt is now up in the store!

~Don't forget all orders over $50 from marie-madeline studio receive free shipping with the discount code CHRISTMAS09 (use it as many times as you like, through the end of the year, and share it with your friends!).

~If you had your heart set on a custom-sewn product (ladies, girls, bags, aprons) for Christmas, please place your order before December 5th.  And if you do, we'll knock 10% off the price of your custom item!

Ellie 2 Ellie flowers 
~Gorgeous new fabrics from Japan, now at marie-madeline studio!  Say hello to Flower Sugar.  Does it get any cheerier than this?  We're excited to make some emerson skirts out of that lovely border print!  Can't you see that turquoise floral with bright red leggings? 

~Crystal over at Money Saving Mom is giving away one of our products to five winners!  (You get a choice of four different custom-made items!)

~And of course, we plan to keep up our own giveaways, too.

~Kits are coming… our pattern + fabric + any special notion (like buttons for laraine).  What do you think about that?  Any suggestions?

Christmas nana 005 
There's one more thing we just can't wait to tell you.  But, that's for another day!  Can you say, "new patterns"?

We're of the opinion that nights like tonight call for cozy quilts, baby hugs, and Psalm-singing.  Why don't you just stop by and visit awhile?

xoxo, the Long ladies

for everyone who loves a good bag….


…introducing a "packie" tutorial!  Our version of the wonderful messenger-style bag is here!  We have to give Abigail the credit for this one.  She wanted a new bag for an upcoming event, drew up what she had in mind, cut it out, sewed it together, and Voila!  A great go-anywhere messenger bag perfect for anything and everything.  So, grab some fabric and get sewing.  Enjoy!

P.S.  Just a nice, little warning— these are terribly cute!!   

Messenger-Style Bag  complements of Abigail  (aka the "packie" queen)

NOTE:  All seams are 1/4" unless otherwise noted!

IMG_5390 Step 1~  Find some brown wrapping paper, tissue or freezer paper to make your own pattern pieces.  Trace with a ruler, and cut out the following shapes  (all of these will be cut on the fold, except the main bag piece!):

side pocket from lining fabric-  4" wide ::mark as fold:: x 6" long  (you'll need 2 of these)            

main pocket from lining fabric- 8 1/2" wide ::mark as fold:: x 9" long  (X 2)

flap from main fabric- 8 1/2" wide ::mark as fold:: x 11" long  (X 2)                

side & bottom band from main fabric (X 1) & lining fabric (X 1)- 4 1/2" wide ::mark as fold:: x the entire length of your fabric*

handle from main fabric- 4 1/2" wide ::mark as fold:: x 18 1/2" long  (X 2)    

main body from main fabric (X 2) & lining fabric (X 2)- 15 1/8" wide x 14" long

*This should be approximately 44"/45"

IMG_5425Step 2~ With right sides together, sew handle pieces together up both long sides.  Turn right side out and press.  Topstitch at 1/4".

Step 3~ Sew band around one main body piece (main fabric), right sides together.  Trim off any band excess.  Repeat with other main body piece and the other side of the band.  Carefully trim inside corners.  Turn right side out.

Step 4~ Fold flap piece in half, right sides together.  Sew up three sides.  Clip corners and turn right side out.  Carefully push out corners and press.  Topstitch at 1/4".

Step 5~ Pin flap on to outside of main bag.  Stitch.

Step 6~ Pin finished handle to band on both sides.  Make sure your handle isn't twisted!  Stitch.

IMG_5508 Step 7~ Make lining.  Repeat Step 3 with your lining fabric, except adding your pockets, and leaving a 5" gap in the bottom of your bag for turning!  To make pockets:  

Fold fabric rectangle in half, right sides together. Stitch along each short end, leaving the long edge open. Clip corners. Turn right side out, careful of corners, and press. Stitch open edge together at 1/4" along raw edge (this is the bottom of the pocket). Machine neaten raw edge using a small zigzag stitch, trimming off extra materials. With outside of pocket to right side of bag lining, raw edge facing UP towards top of bag, stitch onto lining approximately 1/4" inside previous stitching.  Press pocket upwards. All stitching should be enclosed in pocket. Pin and stitch down each short edge to form pocket, a scant 1/8" from the edge on each side.  Repeat with other pockets.  You should end up with two larger pockets, and two small pockets on both sides (attached to the side band).

IMG_5514 Step 8~ Turn lining wrong side out.  Drop main bag, right side out, into lining.  Make sure handle and flap are laying down inside bag to prevent catching them.  Stitch around mouth of

bag.  Stitch around a second time at 5/8".  Pull main bag out through gap in the bottom of the lining.  Stitch gap closed with a straight machine stitch.  Push lining to inside of bag, and press around the top of your bag.  Topstitch around top of bag at 1/4". 


Oh, and we got our fabric here.  Naturally.