Achaia Long of Marie Madeline Studio Sewing Patterns
Hi! So happy to meet you… I’m Achaia.

I am the face behind marie-madeline’s customer service “department”. If you purchased something from us I’m the one who processed your order, and if you sent over an email, I am the one most likely to respond. I’m the hands behind our ever-popular happy scrappy quilts (you can see them on our blog!). We don’t carry them in our online store anymore, but I am happy to take custom orders. If you are interested, send me an email and we’ll talk!

Handwork is a huge passion of mine (particularly cross-stitch and embroidery), and if I’m sitting down for any period of time I’m likely to have a needle and thread in hand. I’m currently working on designing some one-of-a-kind pillow covers that I hope to have for sale in my Etsy shop soon, so let’s stay in touch!

xox Achaia

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I love…. The Lord Jesus Christ, my family, dear friends, wearing flowers in my hair, pie birds, paper lanterns, Mexican food, vintage fashions, dancing, listening to music (country especially!), sewing, fabric, weddings, color, swimming, costumes, the beach, wind, Italy, Greece, great old movies, organizing, pretty paper, planning parties, shoes, vintage soda pop crates, Anthropologie stores, walks in the evenings, staying up late, 1970s hair, shortcake, laughing, cute summer dresses, horseback riding, history, big gold hoop earrings, marshmallow cokes, reading, a good bargain, old family pictures, rhinestone jewelry, anything that has to do with handwork, chocolate, colorful cigar boxes, playing games with friends, pizza, flowers, mystery TV shows, granny squares, bowling, trench coats, cool vintage cars, hugs, pretty writing, cold sheets, babies, swings, giving, quilts.