Abiah Long Marie Madeline Studio Sewing PatternsHi! I’m Abiah. I’m the youngest, and also the photographer. Which means I take most of the pictures you see on our blog and website. I’m not the worlds greatest seamstress, but I love sewn things…especially clothes! My mom and sisters give me a hard time about my terribly slow sewing…but, hey! I love them so fiercely that I don’t mind the teasing too much. In my spare time I enjoy reading, singing, making my sisters laugh, picking out chords on my fabulous electric guitar, and dreaming of having my own life style blog.
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I love…. Jesus Christ, my family, friends (I have the best!), singing my heart out, swimming, shopping with my sisters, shades of peach and green, horseback riding, roller coasters, Mexican-inspired things, the Carpenters, reading, Italy, bright flowers, beautiful photography, movies and TV shows (especially mysteries), shoes (I’m an addict.), watermelon, thin gold jewelry, food, bags, pizza, marshmallow cokes, visits to the park, fun parties, fancy dresses, weddings, bear hugs from people I love, the zoo, going barefoot in green grass, voile & rayon, queso & chips, red hair, country music, cameras of any stripe, my Boden swimsuit, strawberries & shortcake, Greece, ivory, mountain dew, cookie dough, my electric guitar (it’s so cool), clothes from Bodenusa, lip balm, sunglasses, laughter, late movie nights, sharing my Dad’s midnight snacks, makeup, history, Texas, a good snack fest, chambray, button-ups, bangs, things with beading on them, rocky, Amazon gift cards, the smell of leather, jeeps, beachy hair, orange, Sunday mornings, Sherlock Holmes, hairstyling, photo booths, H.Rider Haggard books, Randy Travis, boxing movies, my jeweled clutch, eyelet and lace