Abigail Modern Prairie Sewing at Marie Madeline StudioHello! I’m Abigail, but you can call me Abi. I’m the third oldest girl in our foursome, and it’s been so fun to get to work with my mommy and sisters every day.

If you’ve ordered something custom made from marie-madeline studio in the past, I probably had a hand in sewing it. I love to sew and have learned so much since starting our company back in 2007! I am a fast sewing seamstress who loves to design simple and streamlined sewing patterns for the everyday girl. My style is very “modern prairie”, and I love to see that come through in what I make! Last year, I wrote my first sewing book with C&T Publishing called, Modern Prairie Sewing: 20 Handmade Projects for You & Your Friends. It’s full of fun and fresh looks for bags, women’s clothing, and home goodies. I’ve written quite a few tutorials for our marie-madeline blog, too, including my super popular messenger bag that y’all loved so much (thanks loads!). Now I’m continuing to share my designs on my own blog, The Modern Prairie Girl. I love to make stuffed animals for my littlest friends and chocolate chip cookies for my big friends. I’m an every day girl who loves Jesus Christ. I also love to run barefoot, hug family & friends, hold babies, scream on rollercoasters, go canoeing, laugh, dance, and talk (like, a lot). I just recently opened an Etsy shop, The Modern Prairie Girl. You’ll find lots of pretty things there – from designs sewn right out of my book, Modern Prairie Sewing, to special one-of-a-kind items. I’m so excited to be here and am super happy you’re here too!

xoxo Abi

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I love…. Jesus, my family, my friends, sewing, singing with my sisters, getting muddy in our friend’s creek, swimming, canoeing, big sunglasses, smiling, cowgirl boots, soft pretzels & flavored cokes, talking, going barefoot, tunics, watching movies with friends, laughing, cooking & baking, cookie dough, giving, cutting hair, running, writing letters to my grandparents, talking on the phone, babies, mystery TV shows, hugging, sneakers, rambling while I’m in bed, going out for Mexican food with a large crowd, pizza, praying, soft sheets, country music, being with my best friends (that includes my sisters), dancing, staying up late, weddings.