Happy 23rd birthday to our Abigail!!!

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Happiest of birthdays to my dearest Abigail!!

You’re 23!  The time has flown by so quickly!  You’ve gone from a rambunctious little girl to a go-get-em young lady.  Abigail, I am so very thankful for you!  You are a blessing to our family in so many ways and you can believe me when I say that I’d never change you one little bit.  You are a spark constantly ready to ignite and I say “knock yourself out!”.

I’m crazy about you!

Love, your devoted Mommy

All we can add is a happy birthday to our dear sister, Tabbie!  You know we love you to death, right?  We hope your 23rd year is the most exciting, eventful, and joyful year yet!

We love you!! xoxo Apphia, Achaia, & Abiah