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achaia8 (2)

We have a beautiful bush that blooms with the most fragrant and sweet flowers. So in the spring, it seems like the perfect place to take some photos.

Today it’s Achaia!  xoxo Us

Happy birthday, Abiah!!



abi_birthdayAbiah — 21 and awesome!!

Here I go again, but I have to tell y’all what a wonderful, Godly young lady my Abiah is.

She’s firm, but she’s a peacemaker.  She’s loyal and devoted.  She’s witty and very loving.  And did I mention the way she can belt out a song?

I love this 4th born daughter of mine — with her long red hair and big blue eyes.  She’s amazing and I’m overwhelmed with the blessing of being her mom.

Abiah, you are the cats and my love will always pour over you.

Forever, Mommy





abibday3Dearest Bug,

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!  We love you to pieces, and think the world of you.  You’re one of our very favorites, and we are forever grateful to God for making you our baby sister.

We love you!

xoxo Apphia, Achaia, & Abigail

PS  Did we forget to mention that we love your killer red hair and killer fashion sense??!

And, of course, we can’t help but mention our wonderfully awesome Nanny, who Abiah gets to share a birthday with!  Nan, you are one of our very favorites too, and we love you to the moon and back!  Wish we could have celebrated your birthday in person.  Hugs and kisses!