hello, again

Happy Summer!  Wow.  Since this spring/summer started we felt like we have caught ourselves coming and going.  Some good stuff.  Some tough stuff.  But, always promising to never be dull.  Just to give you a quick overview….

-We've had a relative staying with us for the past 5-6 weeks, while he's waiting for a job.  Which definitely makes things interesting.

-Including giving him the use of one of our bathrooms, which leaves the other 7 of us to ONE bathroom.  Things get kind of exciting getting ready for Church on Sunday morning….

-Wednesday we went swimming for the first time this year, which was wonderful!  It was a much-needed relaxing time. 

-We went at an earlier hour in the day then we are used to (about 1:30 to 4:00) and we all came home with amazing (is that the word?) sunburns.  Thankfully, we're almost all recovered.

-We said good-bye to our brother Joe for the next five weeks, while he's off interning for a North Carolina farrier.  We're going to miss him!  

-Our Church is having a cantata for Independence Day, and we are involved, so that means practice, practice, practice!  Especially since Achaia, Abigail, and Abiah all have solo parts.

-We are just now getting somewhat caught-up on all of the custom sewing we had to do for the Bundle Event!  Whew. 

-Some of us went with people from Church last night to Lendonwood Gardens for the first time!  So beautiful.  Sadly, we only have about 30 minutes to go through it all.  We could have stayed so much longer.

-We think that must be the reason that we are itching like crazy.  Mosquitos apparantly like us.

-How has your summer been so far?


Modern Prairie Sewing: 20 Handmade Projects for You and Your Friends


Hi all! Wow!  I can hardly believe it. I really can't. It's been a long few years getting this dream together, and it's been so exciting for me to see it all come together!  SO!  I'm super happy to tell you that I wrote a sewing book – and it's coming OUT to all of YOU this July!!!!  This book is full of fabulously fun and fresh projects that'll be able to be used by everyone!!


This really easy-for-beginner quilt is found in Modern Prairie Sewing! (Who else loves that beautiful red hair?!)


My gorgeous sisters, Apphia & Achaia, show off the Turnabout Blouse. One of the 20 projects you'll find in Modern Prairie Sewing!

These are only a couple sneak peeks!  I'm so excited and can't wait for all of you to have your own copy and show me what all you sew up!!! You can read more about Modern Prairie Sewing over at my blog, The Modern Prairie Girl

Let's start sewing!