Celebrating a Life: our Grandma

Grandpa and grandma conwell 001

Grandma and grandpa conwell


97 years 11 months 23 days old.

Our Great-Grandma Conwell passed away yesterday morning.  It was a long several years, her mind leaving us, her heart staying strong.  We're thankful for the opportunity to have known her for so long, and to remember how much she loved us.  The sweet letters she sent us when we moved away, and for letting us use her middle name for our business (Madeline).   

We have to credit Grandma for the many ways we love to do stitching and sewing and crafting.  She did those kinds of things for so many years, until she couldn't hardly see, even going to the lengths of crocheting throw rugs with plastic grocery sacks.

We love you, Grandma.

Much love from your kids,

Kristie, Apphia, Achaia, Abigail, and Abiah

PS  We plan on traveling to Indiana for Grandma's funeral so things will be quiet and orders won't be processed until we get home. 

Letting Spring Inspire Us: 30% off everything!

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Hi everyone!

Things have felt so quiet here lately, but this warming weather is changing everything!  It's amazing how some gorgeous days and sunshine make us feel so much more alive.

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We can't wait to start sewing up some fun things for spring (and sharing them with you all, of course). 

So, let's get going!  This week (March 14th through March 21st) you'll find EVERY THING on our site 30% OFF!

Enjoy~ xxx KAAAA

Credit for the beautiful photos goes to LifeCreated!  Noel is wearing a knee length gracie ruffle skirt + a torrance top.  Isn't she a doll?! 

where we’ve been


We really haven't meant to stay away so long.  Last week felt like a whirlwind… something (big things) to do EVERY day.  This week has been slow and somewhat sad (with good things thrown in).

Our brother Joe started farrier school Monday.  The drive was too far to make every day, so we spent all last week getting his little rental house in order.  Saturday we took him up and had to come home earlier than planned, since snow was on the way. 

Oh dear.  We girls miss him SO much.  It's almost crazy how one person leaving can throw you off so much.  It has been hard to adjust — and we haven't really wanted to either.  We have talked to him every night, which helps ease the pain (we think).  If plans go well, we girls are hoping to go spend the weekend with him.  We can't wait!

So, we've been trying to drown our sorrows out with other things.  Mom taught Abi and Abiah to cross stitch earlier this week, and yesterday we went out with a friend from Church to pick out our Easter program music.  Last night we stayed up to watch a favorite movie.  It doesn't bring Joe back, but it sure gets our minds busy.

Now, we should say that we are sorry for ourselves, but happy for Joe.  He's got a goal, and he's following his dream.  So, maybe it's worth the heartache. 

xoxo Kristie, Apphia, Achaia, Abigail, and Abiah

PS  We got some fabulous new Riley Blake buttons in, if you're interested in fancying up a new garment.  We're dreaming of spring sewing!