pillow perfect.






Here I am to jabber about the pillow that I showed some snippets of in December.  You see, it just wouldn't have been fair to talk TOO much about it, since it was Ashley's Christmas present, and no one wants a spoiled present, do they??

Mom spotted the Anchor wool needlepoint (some times it's also called 'tapestry') kit on eBay awhile back, and I knew it was just the thing for Ash's present.  It took me a few months to do, since I had to set it down sometimes to stitch for our Market booth.  This was the second needlepoint I've completed, but I'd never finished one completely — blocking and making it into something.  

I just had in my mind that I wanted to back the pillow with velveteen.  The mix of textures seemed perfect.  Apphia had some leftover burgandy velveteen from a sewing project, so she was sweet enough to give it to me.  I sewed a zipper into the back as well, to make dry cleaning the case (if necessary) more easily possible.  

It was SO much fun to stitch.  Now I've already taken my first needlepoint and made it into a pillowcase.  I just need to purchase a form, and I'm set!  Stitching always seems like a good thing to do on a pillow, doesn't it?  (Remember this one?)  Let's just say, that I think I'll always be pillow-rich.

Happy Monday to all of you! xoxAchaia

PS  Ash loved the pillow and said it was her in a pillow!  Yay!

Happy Birthday, Achaia!!





To my dearest daughter Achaia,

No words can adequately express just how very much I love you and how very thankful I am for you.  From the moment I knew I was expecting you, I have been grateful to our Lord for blessing me.  You are a wonderful addition to our family, and your servant's heart is a blessing to us all!  We love your witty sayings and the way you can make us all laugh.  May this year be one that goes beyond your wildest dreams!  After all, you do serve the King of kings!

I love you lotta, lotta!


1 John 5:14-15


And we feel the same way.  Achaia, you're so much a part of us all, that life without you is just plain unimaginable.  "The Long girls always stick together".  So we're stuck.  We love you so, so much, and you fill a place in our hearts no other person could!

All our love,

Phi, Abs, and Bi


A scrappy week.


Our week has been anything but normal for us.  It all started….

*When our computer decided to not work last Saturday.  Yep. 

*It wouldn't even turn on. 

*We got snow Sunday morning.

*It was freeezzzing out!

*Still freezing out Monday and Tuesday.

*By now you've probably guessed that we couldn't go anywhere.

*All we can say is that our hilly, up-slope driveway does not like snow.

*We made good use of ourselves by deciding to cart everything from the downstairs studio UPSTAIRS so we could be closer to the fire.

*We cut and sewed and ironed and quilted and laid out quilt tops for about three days straight. (We hope to get to share them soon.)

*Our living room/dining room/kitchen was a wreck.

*But we made meals on time (almost every meal).

*And we found time to read lots.

*Mom finished reading this book to us, which is just as good as the first volume.  It's hilarious at times, touching at others, and real to life.

*We also found time to watch the first two parts of this for history class.

*See, we're such history nuts we sit in on class even 2+ years after we've graduated.

*And we stopped early to listen to Dad read aloud (we started this one — it's excellent).

*Then some combination of us stayed up late and watched a movie (or two).

*And kept the fire going.

*Wednesday Dad and Abi finally got out to get the computer to the repair shop.

*It came home yesterday afternoon.

*Today we are filling orders and catching up.

*The snow is almost all melted!

*Hope your week was as successful.

*Happy weekend to you all!




2014.  Wow.

2013 was a difficult year for us in lots of ways, but there were so many unexpected blessings poured out on us.  We think we grew and learned a little bit, too.  We don't want to think of the year 2013 as a wasted one, because of all the hard things, but more as a year for growing and learning.  It's always exciting to see what God has in store for us in a New Year, and we always know He will provide just what we need when we need it.  We're sitting back and waiting, and can't help but wonder what God has planned for us in 2014.

In the brand new year, we've added a brand new category to our site …. boutique.  That's where you'll find all the fancy good stuff that we've showcased in our Market booth, or made a special sample just because.  We hope you like it!

So, welcome 2014!

xox Kristie, Apphia, Achaia, Abigail, and Abiah