A Fabulous Friday.

Friday always reminds us to enjoy the simple things.  We plan on plopping on the couch for movies and pizza in just a couple hours.  Have a great weekend! xox

{Achaia's picks}

Kaypick4 Kaypicks2
Kaypicks1 Kaypicks3

1. Jackie Kennedy's famous pink boucle suit

2. something to hang onto

3. dancing is one of my very favorite things to do!

4. Boden's festive clothes are awesome — love her sparkly shoes too!

{Abiah's picks}

Boopicks1 Boopicks4Boopicks2Boopicks3

1. I'm working so this can be me!!  I love her outfit too!

2. love this quote

3. I love pencil skirts and these are so cute!!  I am especially partial to the bottom middle three.

4. 25 DIY ideas for an outdoor movie night

{Kristie's picks}

Momspicks1 Mom'spick
Momspicks2 Momspicks3
1. I love vintage His & Hers or Mr. & Mrs. pillowcases!

2. I'm so excited for the new Flower Sugar to arrive in January

3. Pam Kitty Picnic arrived today! (And should be up on the site tomorrow!!)

4. Wonderful book (especially for reading around this time of year.)

{Abigail's picks}

Abspicks1 Abspicks2

Abspicks3 Abspicks4
1. my adorable, furry friend Brandywine

2. North to Alaska

3. paint makes me want to paint, especially when they're this lovely

4. Pam Kitty! (And all of our friends at Quilt Market!)

{Apphia's picks}

Phispicks1 Phispicks4

Phispicks2 Phispicks3
1. One of my all-time favorite sweaters

2. thinking ahead!

3. Plaid and denim and quilting and rhinestones

4. 50 years ago today

A blurry week.


We're back from our vacation! We had a fabulous time and are so thankful that we were finally able to make it down to our Texas. Time spent with family and friends just seems to get more and more special. The time went by in a blur. So here are some pictures that prove just that. A blur.





And she was waiting for us.IMG_9736

And we admit it. We did a horrible job capturing our adventures and fun with our cameras. However, for those of you who follow us on Insagram, know that we tried to keep you lovely folks updated! We all had a super, grand time, but are glad to be back and getting things that need to be done checked off our ever-growing to-do lists! Thanks for letting us be silent here for just a little bit!

We'll try to be back tomorrow! (But no promises…)

love, Us



We are planning to head off to Texas this week!!  We're so excited, since we have been trying to go see family and friends there since April.  Yes, it's been a craaaazzzy year.  Sigh. 

We had been thinking of when we could squeeze in this trip, and Mom & Dad decided yesterday that Sunday was THE day.  So, we've spent the day running around like nuts, throwing things into bags (along with hilariously trying on outfits.  That's always been a comedy show in our family….), and cooking.  And now someone (aka Abs) is sewing up a skirt for her to take.  Out of this new fabric line of course….



As you can imagine, we won't be sending out orders this week, but please feel free to shop away and we'll plan on shipping as soon as we get home.

Oh, and be sure and keep an eye on our Instagram feed!  You know we'll be posting there.

xoxoAchaia, etc.

Our Booth!!


We are so happy to be able to share pictures of the booth we had at International Quilt Market last weekend!  Of course, Abiah was so sweet and shared some pictures with you all last week too.


Our past two booths (here and here) both had the white beadboard walls, but this time we decided to go with curtains.  We hemmed drop cloths (that was fun) for our curtains, and went with a more poppy color-theme than our two previous booths.


We just can't thank FreeSpirit Fabrics and the ever-lovely Jennifer for sending us yardage of Jennifer's brand new Lucky Girl collection for our booth samples!!  We had the best time sewing with them (the colors are just perfect!).  And, since we received our bolts just a few days later the three of us that attended were able to have outfits to match too! 

We also used some of Jennifer's Circa fabrics, as they mix perfectly with Lucky Girl.




We were delighted to introduce our brand new patterns, angelica and charlotta, at Quilt Market!


Our trips to Indiana always require some booth talk (our brothers get so bored, just ask them).  So, naturally, last time was no exception.  After seeing the awesome ladder our Nan and Aunt Ginger hung from our aunt's beauty shop ceiling, we knew it was the thing for our booth.  We bought one while we were up in IN, and Paps and Nan brought it down when they came (aren't they the best??).  We purchased burlap and lace, and intwined it across the top of our curtains and through the ladder.  We loved it.  Of course the ladder needed to be sawed some, which reguired a bit more work, but definitely was worth the effort. 


Apphia made some darling ever-popular posies to display on a three-tiered cake stand near the front of the booth.  And of course, we can't sign off without thanking our bestest friend, Jenny, for bringing us some GORGEOUS flowers to put in three blue Ball jars.  We loved them!

We have loads of pictures on our Instagram page, so go there to see what we did every.single.day!  It's always so much fun to get to chat with old friends, and make new ones too!  (Just ask Lindsay… we stood in her book line three different times so everyone could get a signed copy…)

It goes without saying we girls had a marvelous time with Nanny and Paps, and we can never thank them enough for all they do for us!  We love you two!!!

But, of course, we did leave part of our hearts at home with Mom and Abiah.  We just can't wait for the next time we can all attend Quilt Market together!!!

xoxoxoApphia, Achaia, & Abigail

PS… We did buy some fabric too!  We can't wait to show you!