A Post Full of Instagrams…

First of all…we miss these girls terribly. We as in Mom and I (Abiah). You see, someone has to hold down the fort! It sure is a good thing that my sisters are good Instagram-ers. Our Instagram page stays at the bottom of our computer screen most all day…so we can pop it up and refresh the page, of course!

Second of all, and not less important than number one… we miss this adorable couple! What WOULD we do with out them? Not to mention the fact that they're just pure amazing for putting up with us!!

Third, our booth is GORGEOUS. Period. Ok, that takes care of number three.

Fourth. We love this cute lady!!! Huge hugs to Jenny from Kristie and Abiah!!

Fifth. We love Pam Kitty!!!!!! Thanks for hugging her for us, Abi!

Sixth. These.Girls.Are.The.Cutest. I guess the other cutest one was taking the picture.

Seventh. Because it's the number of completeness. Oh, and you see that teeny skirt hanging on the dresser handle? I have a little soft spot for it. Ssh.

I think it's safe to say that we can't wait to hug these adorable people again.

And I'm not even thinking about all the goodies they usually bring home to me. Promise. Well, almost promise. They're such great sisters!

xxxx, Abiah

PS. Here's a link to our Instagram page, because it's not coming up on the side bar. Now you can be obsessed like me, and check it every five minutes! Ok, maybe I'm not that bad!

Our Abigail American


Happy 21st Birthday to my dear, sweet daughter Abigail!

How can I begin to tell you how much I love you and what joy you bring to my life?  Abigail, you have always been my hand full and though you are so mature I can still see my "hand full" in you even now.  Thank you for your tireless service and your fierce loyalty to me.  You are truly a blessing from The Lord and I love you tons!

Love, Mommy


Happy Birthday, Abs!  You know how much we love you, don't you???  You have always been such a special, important, and wonderful addition to our "group".  Thank you for always letting us know exactly what you are thinking, and for being such a good listener.  We love you so very much and can't wait to see what God has in store for you during your 21st year!

Much love, xoxo Phi, Kay, & Bug




So.  We received our sample fabric for International Quilt Market last week.  Market is next week.  This is probably needless to say, but our hands and sewing machines have been running wild!  We decided to go with a different look than our previous two booths.  We can't wait to share more with you! 

Nan and Paps are here now, and we're making final decisions on the last outfits that need to be sewn.  In the past day I've stitched on three t-shirts… one more to go. 

Apphia, Nanny, and Abiah had to run some errands to pick up last minute things (like the quilt that needs to be bound before we go….), so Mom, Abi, and I are home.  Abs is making a nice, loooong stack of cut out clothes that need to be sewn.  I'd better get going.

One last thing, if anyone is planning on being at Market, please be sure and stop by our booth, #1408!  We really want to meet you!!

xoxox Achaia

From the Shop.








It was a great week for getting in some lovely new fabrics!  Don't forget to check out our Hard to Find fabric section, where we've listed some great ones, that aren't so easy to get your hands on.

Don't forget the coupon code FALL15 for 15% off your order!!

That's all for now.  Off to sew more for Quilt Market!  We spent about 1 1/2 hours yesterday finagling drop cloths through Apphia's industrial machine. 


more charlotta cuteness!

We are definitely crazy about this pattern.  All we want to do is make little girl jammies!!  Eleanor had lots of fun with these photos.  After all, it isn't every day you get encouraged to jump around on the bed!  (Although that would be very nice…)

We're also very excited that this will be the first time we've actually had our new patterns shipping in time for Quilt Market!!!

Now the only problem is that we're wishing charlotta came in our size.


We would curl up with a good book too, if it weren't for the 2000 patterns waiting to be stuffed and all the things to be sewn for Quilt Market.  Want to come over and help?  We will share our M&Ms.

Oh!  And for the month of October, we're giving everyone a 15% discount off their entire order from marie-madeline studio!  Just pop the code FALL15 in at checkout.


introducing charlotta!!!

We are super happy to introduce to you charlotta — our new sewing pattern for girls.  A pajama pattern for all seasons!  So many of you have requested jammies in the past, and they're finally here.  We absoutely LOVE this pattern!  There are lots of options, so it will keep you sewing spring through winter.

Make a nightie, top and shorts, or top and pants.  Two sleeve styles included!  As usual, this pattern includes sizes 2/3 – 14/16, all in one envelope.  (Full size pattern pieces too, of course.  All printed in the USA on a nice heavy white paper!)

Shirring along the sleeve edges and leg holes sets these jammies apart as something extra special.  And they're quick to sew up, too!  (Not only that, they're crazy comfy.  All of our little testers gave rave reviews!)  We even like to style them as day clothes — the charlotta shorts look adorable underneath an angelica swing top.  The pants will make warm layers underneath little torrance dresses later this fall!

So… what do you think?!  The charlotta jammie set sewing pattern is now available on the website!

xoxo, us

P.S. More photos soon!

it’s all for a smooth quilt back.

We like quilts. A lot. Ok. I'll say it: We love quilts. The process is exciting and fun. It's been passed down through many generations and it's so amazing for us as we listen to our Grandpa, Paps, as he tells about his memories of his own mother quilting. We four girls never were able to meet her, but we've been able to see our own Great-grandma Conwell (Nanny's mom) quilt. We have helped our Nan and Mommy lay out numerous quilts – and as we got a little bigger, they helped us lay out our own dream quilts. The quilt top we could do alone, but when it came to laying down the backing, the batting and then the quilt top … it was more work then just one person could do. So everyone would grab a corner and middle and tug the backing, and then the batting, so the special owner of the quilt would be sure to have a smooth quilt back. The other day, I passed Achaia laying out her own quilt. Unlike normal, she hadn't called for help; and no wonder. She had taped her quilt back to the floor, so that is was nice, tight, and smooth. Smart Cookie. I knew that when it was time to lay out my next quilt that that's just what I'd do. And I did it.


Try this trick out for your next quilt, and tell us how it works for you! I'm pretty sure a wooden floor would work just as well, if not better. (Just depends if you want to risk scratches when you're pinning your quilt together.) Simply pull the tape off and through it away. It's worth throwing a handful of tape away for a smooth quilt back, right?

I knew you loved quilts as much as we do.

xox Abi