Light Peasantries




I am happy to say that my embroidery adventures (starting here and here) have blossomed onto a peasant top!!!





While Nan was here in February, we did some closet cleaning and I came across this white peasant blouse.  The fabric feels wonderful, but I just didn't have much use for a plain white shirt like this.  So, we pulled it out, used my light box and some embroidery transfers from the 70s, and I got stitching!   I had the best time working on it.  I'm a huge fan of embroidered garments, and it's exciting to think that I can make my own!  I already have plans for something else…. I can't wait to share.

xxx Achaia

Knit Sale!

We have some knits for you to shop today!  Awhile back we got some great knits from our favorite knit website, Girl Charlee, but just couldn't use it all.  So, we want to pass along the goodness to some of you!  All the knits below are light weight.  We have approximately 4 to 8 yards of each piece.  Pricing is $2.50 per YARD.   You can buy by the yard or the entire piece.  Completely your choice! First come, first serve basis.  We also threw in a knit bundle with assorted sized pieces. 

Shoot us an email (just click the pink envelope on the right sidebar) or leave a comment telling us what you'd like!  Enjoy!! xox


1. grey/purple floral SOLD


2. purples disk leaf SOLD


3. ivory and purple floral SOLD


4. turquoise stripe large floral


5. turquoise/purple/green small floral – just a little left!


6. red/pink/gold floral


7. knit bundle – assorted sizes, mostly light to medium weight $10 SOLD

State Shake Night

Are you a Taste of Home subscriber??  We've been subscribed on and off over the years, and I was so happy to renew my subscription recently.  The recipes they have in their magazines just seem to fit our lifestyle perfectly — not too complicated or loaded with a bunch of ingredients I've never even heard of.  The most recent magazine was so much fun to peruse!  I saw a lot of yummy looking recipes, but when I came to the 50 Shakes for 50 States I knew we had to try some of them. right. now.

Saturday was labeled 'the night' and everyone was given a few days ahead of time to read all of the 50 shake possibilities (yes, I know, that's a ton to choose from!), so we could get the goodies on our shopping trip. 




It was lots of fun!!  We tried very hard not to let the States we liked color our shake choices. *smile*  It was busy there for awhile making so many different varities at once (only 2 of us picked the same thing!), but the results were well worth the bother.




These are only three of the yummy varities we tried.  Everyone loved the one they chose!  We finished the night off by watching a double feature of one of our favorite shows.  It's nice that just a little change-up in routine can be exciting!  I've already had requests for another State Shake night.  After all we still have about 40 more kinds to try!!


Walkin’. (an unplanned outfit post)

What I'm wearing:  chambray shirt – from Paps (TJMaxx), white tank – I don't remember; I've had it forever! dipped dyed skirt – at the mall in Indianapolis, ones and twos (that's for shoes) – Target


Taking a walk around town is fun. But when you do with a sister (or 2 or 3) it's really fun! It was so great to be in our home town with family and friends for 2 whole weeks! My outfit….  I have to say that this was on the spur of the moment. Completely unplanned. But I loved it!  This skirt and shirt are my new favorites. I love having pieces of clothing that I love that I can wear through all seasons. After talking with my Nan, I think the next time I wear this favorite skirt, I'll wear it with a navy T-shirt (perfect for finishing off summer!). But since the summer this year in Indiana was so gorgeous, I wasn't over-dressed with this light-weight chambray shirt.

Missing Nanny and Paps (and everyone else) terribly, but we're cooking up some pretty exciting stuff here in the studio!

Wouldn't you like to know?!

love, Abi

A Fabulous Friday.

Happy Friday, everyone!  We'll plan on being back Monday! xox

{Abigail's picks}


1. Lands' End Canvas!  I love their style.

2. Westward the Women.  One of my favorite movies of all-time.

3. How great are these pillows?!  Love 'em!

4. This is terrific!

{Apphia's picks}


1. Twirl by Kate Spade — my new favorite scent

2. A fun idea for a fall skirt — add a beaded brocade band at the hem!

3. pink peonies… I love them!

4. I love dainty gold jewelry like this pineapple pendant.

{Kristie's picks}

  2 IMG_8102

Fabulous not just on Friday, but everyday!!  My daughters…

1. Apphia Jade

2. Achaia Victoria

3. Abigail American

4. Abiah Hope Kingery

{Abiah's picks}


1. I really want to do this one day!!

2. I love long hair.

3.  What a pretty outfit…

4. This gold dipped bowl is so pretty.

{Achaia's picks}


1. What a perfect summer day looks like

2. These tennies are on my wish list

3.  I love these big fringe decorations!

4. Great embroidered top!

Two weeks that went by way too fast.

IN trip.1IN trip.2IN trip.21IN trip.7
IN trip.5IN trip.18
IN trip.16IN trip.19IN trip.10IN trip.4
IN trip.17IN trip.14
IN trip.6IN trip.20IN trip.15IN trip.8
IN trip.12IN trip.3
IN trip.IN trip.9

Our time in Indiana was the best!  So much the best that we were sad to come home.  But, work and other duties called, so we couldn't say no. 

Everyone up there is so special, and we can't say thank you enough for all that they did to make our time wonderful.  But we especially have to scream hugs, kisses, and thank yous to our most wonderful Paps and Nanny who put up with us sleeping in their upstairs, sharing their one bathroom with us, letting us leave our things strewn around their house, keeping them up late playing games, watching movies, or having a family jam session, and taking us around wherever they went.  Everything is extra wonderful because of you two.  Thanks to them we have a second home.

We hope you enjoy the sneak peek into our past two weeks.

All our love~ Kristie, Apphia, Achaia, Abigail, & Abiah xoxoxox