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Happy Friday, everyone!  Our week was pretty crazy…. every day we woke up not knowing if it would be the day to do more hauling.  We ended up doing it one day, but then the baler broke, so we had to skip out.  Which turned out alright because it gave us time to do some closet cleaning, a bit of sewing, playing with our Brandy, and making red velvet cupcakes.

We got good news yesterday!!  Some more of the highly-sought after Circa showed up here!  Most of the big florals were missing from our first shipment due to a mix up (and the fact that EVERYONE wanted it!), so we are so happy to have it on our shelves now.  It's going fast so be sure to grab some if you want it!  Circa is such a fabulous collection.  So versatile.  Jennifer did a beautiful job with it!!!

Also, we still have some samples left from our sale awhile back and they are now all up in our sale room

Talk again soon!  Enjoy your weekend!

xo K+A+A+A+A

Sew Summer Dresses.




I don't know about all of you, but there's something about summer that spells dresses to me.  All year 'round I love a good dress, but warm weather seems to make me want one extra bad.  So this spring/summer I've been working at "collecting" some great cool summer dresses.  Here's a round-up of some of our favorite dress patterns this year….

1. Vintage Vogue Gathered Bodice Dress.  I recently made this one out of polka dot knit.  I love it!  Because I'm a bit zipper-shy and was using knit I just skipped the side zipper completely… and it worked!  I'm waiting for some navy/white star knit fabric to arrive in the mail so I can make another one for Independence Day (can't wait to see how it turns out!).

2. Retro Butterick Side Swoosh Dress.  I'm sewing this one up right now in a stretcy bright yellow denim.  Apphia has already made hers up in a nice aqua suiting fabric.  The 'swooshy' side makes it a bit more dressy, so it would be perfect to wear to worship or a wedding.  I'm hoping the denim fabric I'm using will casualize it a bit, but either way it's too cute to pass up.  (Oh, and it reminds Apphia and I of a dress worn in Monkey Business… darling!) 

3. Socialite Dress.  I made this one last year and it's so fun.  It has pockets too and can easily can be lengthened.  I've also seen a lady add some little sleeves to it…. too cute. 

4. Knit Wrap Dress.  Apphia just made this one in a watercolor floral knit, and it's darling!  She plans to wear a little camisole with it.  Too, too adorable.

5. Retro Butterick Wrap Dress.  Great dress!  If you'll remember, we've used this pattern before — right here.  I also used it for the bodice of my ever-favorite Gina dress.  I'm thinking of making another Gina dress actually.  In my humble opinion, it's practically the ultimate go-to summer dress.

6. Amelia Dress.  This is such a cute little thing!  Abigail made one in bright turquoise and pink floral cotton, and it was darling.  I hope to make one sometime…. it's on the to-sew list….

7. Jiffy 1960s Shift Dress.  Confession: I've never made this one, and none of the other girls have either.  But, it's on my favorite-cutest-thing-ever-love-it-must-have-my-own-copy pattern list.  Get a load of that darling collar one, or the bow front one!  Eep!  

8. Evening Empire Dress.  I made this one a few years ago and it remains something I love.  I have a feeling that it will always be something that I love, and appreciate the fact that I spent all that time piecing the fun zigzag skirt.  I think it would be very cute in just one voile print too in the mid-calf length version!

Does anyone have a favorite dress pattern that I missed (I know there is)?  Please do tell!

xoxo Achaia

PS.  Abiah and I also have this neat-o Navajo-style knit fabric that's waiting to be made into some casual dresses.  If they work out like we hope they will we'll have to share them!  xx

Brandy, you’re a fine girl….






Our new puppy, Brandy, is finally here!  We'll give you the straight skinny — she's a little over 8 weeks old, pure-bred collie, a firecracker, adorable, and loves to give kisses.  And, we're crazy about her! 

Bo and Blayde are working on getting used to her.  Blayde's been going over to Brandy's pen, wagging his tail, and touching noses with her. 

Happy Friday!! (And don't worry…. you'll be bombarded with Brandy photos in the future….)

xox Us

Our week in pictures.

Hay before

We've been making hay while the sun shines.  Today was supposed to be day #4 of hauling, but we got rained out.  So we'll get geared up for the next go-round.  It's a good thing Mom and Abi are at the store picking up some much needed groceries, or we would be eating peanut butter for supper.  And our Dad wouldn't have his requested Father's Day meal of taco salad and banana pudding.  We never can manage to eat coordinated meals or early meals (10:00 pm suppers are normal) during hay season. 

So tonight we're going to sit down, relax, and watch some movies.  Several of us (not mentioning any names) have already spent part of the day sleeping….. 

Hope the sun's shining at your house!


About Us

We grew up without realizing that some people actually bought curtains and pillows, instead of making them themselves. Almost every lady in our family is or has been an artist or seamstress of some kind! When we were very little girls, we sold our handmade creations to the neighbors (who still have some of our popular potholders). So marie-madeline studio – named after our grandmother and great-grandmother – was launched in December of 2007, with a vision for encouraging and inspiring others into making beautiful things. Our exclusive line of sewing patterns debuted that same year, and our online fabric store opened soon after. The custom items we offer are all handcrafted, by the five of us, in our happy home studio. We’re forever grateful to God for blessing us with the ability to stay at home, doing what we love while being together!

We share the joy with our dad, two
younger brothers, and three furry collies named Bo, Blayde, and

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Circus Laundry Bags! {a tutorial}


With vacations, camping, and all the running around that summer happily brings, what could be more useful (and helpful) than a good laundry bag??  That's what we thought!  So we're bringing you the Circus laundry bags – in two sizes!! (Because getting ready for and going on vacation around here is just that: a three ring circus!)

Circus Laundry Bags

Note to sewist:::  the pictures shown during construction were taken when we made the big size. However, both laundry bags have the exact same directions. Yippee!

size Big

-a string of crochet thread or yarn 23'' long

-1 1/4 yd for base

-23'' x 38'' for fabric tunnel

-casing 4'' x 38 1/2''

-drawstring 2'' x 2, 45"

-washable marker

size Small

-a string of crochet thread or yarn 19 1/4'' long

-1 yd for base

-18'' x 27 1/4" for tunnel

-casing 4" x 27 3/4"

-drawstring 2" x 1 1/2, 45"

-washable marker

Let's sew up your Circus laundry bags!


1. Take your piece of yarn and knot it to the washable marker.


2. Put your marker at one end of your folded fabric and lightly (but tightly) hold your thread down while you draw your half circle.


3. Cut your circle out! Set aside.


4. Right sides together, sew your tunnel down side the shorter side. Serge for extra strength. (Who doesn't stuff a laundry bag?!)


5. Run a gathering stitch around your circle. Divide your circle and tunnel in fourths.


6. Right sides together, pin your circle to your tunnel.


7. Gather your circle to fit your tunnel. Pin like crazy!


8. Serge at 5/8''. Trim off excess. (if you have excess!)


9. Turn right side out! Even though it's looking like a circus tent right now, I promise; it'll be a laundry bag in the next 5 minutes!


10. Take your 4'' casing strip and iron the ends up at 1/4".


11. Fold over again and sew.


12. Press raw edges in to meet in the middle.


13. This is not a must, but I suggest serging the top of your unfinished tunnel. This helps prevent fraying.


14. Sandwich the raw edge of your tunnel in your casing.



15. Sew your casing down at lower edge. Make sure that you caught all of the casing on the wrong side of your bag.


16. Take your drawstring strips of fabric and sew two short ends together. Press raw edges in to meet in the middle.


17. Fold the end in before you fold it in half and sew down the side.


18. Sew down the side.


19. Fold the edge at the bottom in before you sew to the end.


20. Grab a bodkin or a large safety pin and pull your drawstring through your casing.


21. Knot the ends of your drawstrings for a finishing touch.

Let the games begin!




love, Abi

A Baby Locket

I share a birthday with Nan (Mom's Mom), as you all know. This is something that has always been so very special to me! We always call each other, and send each other birthday cards. Last year we got to spend our birthday together for the first time in many years. We were in Kansas City for International Quilt Market. We ate Rice Krispies for breakfast, and gave each other cards. Along with my card (from darling Paps, too, I might add!), Nan gave me a little box. Inside was a locket that belonged to Nan…given to her when she was a baby by her great-grandmother, my great, great, great grandmother. Nan put it around my neck, and I wore it that day. It belongs to me now, to be given to my own daughter, Lord willing, one day. I keep it in a little drawer, still in its box, to be worn on special occasions (like my birthday). I think of Nan each time I wear it…so thankful that she would share this special locket with me.

I love you, Nan! Thank you.

xx Abiah

The cutest little zip pouches ever!


We were super thrilled to receive an email from one of our customers with this gorgeous photo attached.  Carrie had purchased some of the Sugar Hill and Delilah fabrics from our shop (now in the $6-a-yard section!) to create these fabulous little zipping pouches for a Mother Daughter Tea.  Have you ever seen anything so adorable?!  (To tell the truth, we were just a tiny bit jealous.  We all wanted one too.)  Check out more of Carrie's lovely work over here.  (We have our eyes on the oilcloth zipping totes!)

We hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

Lots of love from here, xoxo

A Fabulous Friday.

Yay!  We are all completely ready for Friday to be here.  We hope you all have a beautiful weekend!! xx

{Abiah's picks}



1. shopping with Mom is just the greatest!

2. one of my favorite TV shows… a birthday gift from my sweet siblings!

3. I would LOVE to learn how to play the guitar!!

4. I love French Fashion… her hair is perfection too!

{Kristie's picks}


1. I love a good (friendly) game of Dominos!

2. aren't these the cutest shoes??!

3. shopping would definitely be more fun with this bag

4. our new cookbook… worth its weight in gold!

{Achaia's picks}


1. I have a weakness for collie puppies… these are darling!

2. I love her hair and make-up!

3. this little video is a neat look at how Patricia Nash makes her amazing boots in Italy

4. this free downloadable pattern makes me want to sew up a cute bag!

{Abigail's picks}

1. My Dear Secretary.  I LOVE this adorable movie!!

2. this book by our friend Jona G. is great… and I can't wait to sew up one of the skirts!

3. I love!

4. our sweet friend, Jennifer Paganelli has made me want to sew… again!  I love Circa!

{Apphia's picks}


1. I love the lights and this rustic table.

2. the inspiration for my new knit dress….

3. I love this quote!

4. best-ever book about America's most fascinating war.

an Artwork bag {a tutorial}


Here's a fun little tutorial for you patching loving people!  A super quick and fun bag that is really easy-peasy to make! It would be perfect to carry your favorite patterns and little tid-bits to sewing classes too. Have fun!


Artwork Bag

what you'll need:

-a patchy piece 24 3/4'' x 10 1/2'' (try using our happily packed scrap bags!)

-2 pieces of fabric for your lining 10 1/2'' x 12 3/4''

-2 pieces of fabric for your handles 21 1/2'' x 4''

-2 pieces of Pellon fusible interfacing for handles 21 1/2'' x 4''


putting your Artwork bag together:


1. Patch. Patch to please your eye. Patch your special art.


2. Fold your artwork over onto itself. Pin sides and sew at 1/4''.


3. Clip corners and…


4. … turn right side out. Carefully poke out corners and set aside.


5. Iron on fusbile interfacing to wrong side of handles. Iron the long sides of your handles in to meet in the middle.


6. Fold over so that the raw edges are hidden and pin down the open side.


7. Sew down both sides at 1/8''.


8. Pin handle 2'' from the side seam of your bag.


9. Repeat with the other side of your bag and handle. Make sure that your handles aren't twisted.


10. Put your lining pieces right sides together. Pin the sides and bottom. Leave an almost 3 1/2" opening in the bottom of your bag. Sew sides at 1/2'' and bottom at 5/8''.


11. Clip corners and trim bottom of bag.


12. Put outside bag inside lining, right sides together.


13. Pin the lining and outside bag together around the "mouth". Sew at 5/8''.


14. Trim excess fabric around "mouth" of bag.


15. Pull outside bag through opening that you left in the bottom of the lining.



16. Pin and sew lining opening closed. Push lining into the outside bag.



17. Topstitch around the "mouth" of your bag at 1/4''.

and ta-da!




love, Abi