Send Me The Pillow You Dream On.





I did it!  I finished my embroidered pillow AND I have pictures to share!  (Remember, I mentioned it in passing here?)

Back in February my fingers were literally itching to start on another handwork project.  And, it had to be more than just a simple towel.  As much as I like that (and think it's a good start), it just didn't have enough pow! anymore.  I needed something bigger.  I decided to embark on making a cover for a grand size pillow — 24×24 — (I love big pillows). 

I used some of my favorite velveteen (hah!  What do you know?  You can get it here.  Imagine that.), embroidering around and inside as many of the flowers as my heart desired.  I also tried to make it a point to try out several different stitches.  Lots of french knots found their way in there (they are some of my favorites), just simple running stitches, and satin stitch, plus a cute 'puffy' design that I found via Anna Maria Horner.  My Nan was so taken with it that she recommended I had to make some more of them, as it was just that cute.




It took me about 4 months to stitch it all, which isn't too bad, since I didn't do it non-stop, and I was determind to make sure that it didn't look skimpy.  In fact, Mom and the girls kept saying, "Aren't you done??", since I kept telling them I was almost done, and then changing my mind again. 

When Nan was down here in February, and we were shopping in Springfield for our Titanic dress fabrics, I found my pillowform + that orange fringe that I put around the edges.  It took me a long time to decide which color of fringe to choose, but I just kept going back to the orange.  I love the color of it, and the way it makes the orange tones in the velveteen pop out.  Then, I backed it in a fun stockings print that also boasted the orange with blues.



Before signing off, I have to show you two of my favorites!  These little guys turned out so cute (if I do say so myself)!  For the top one I just did a satin stitch on all the orange portions and used all 6 strands to make the french knots, so they really stand up.  The orange matched so perfectly that you can almost miss it!  For the bottom butterfly I just did blue running stitches on the wings, kind of curving it out, and trying to stay with the same shape as the wings themselves.  I hadn't really intended for it to look like that, but I love the finished product!




There!  A happy pillow + happy girl = success!

Oh, and by the way, anyone gets extra brownie points (you deserve some after hearing me chat on about stitching, right?) with me if they can tell me where the title of this post came from (no cheating)!

xox~ Achaia


PS… By the way, Folk Heart is 50% off through the 27th, so run and get some! xx

A Fabulous Friday

Here are some things that we've been enjoying lately.  While you read we're off to have pizza and watch movies.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend! xox

{abiah's picks}

Bug1 Bug5

Bug4 Bug2

1. dancing…

2. my Va Va Bloom Hipster

3. Crete!  Too beautiful for words….

4. Frank & Ava… one of my favorite Hollywood couples

{kristie's picks}

Mom3 Mom2

Mom1 30493L-60

1. Who wouldn't like this initial pillow??

2. My sewing machine – Janome Memory Craft 10000

3. Vera Bradley hipster Symphony in Hue (my favorite pattern)

4. Old New 30s fabric from Lecien

{apphia's picks}

Phi1 Phi2

Phi3 Phi4

1. a classic for fall — thinking ahead

2. I love her long hair

3. such a cheerful summer party

4. what I've felt like doing lately

{abigail's picks}

Abi1 Abi2

Abi3 Abi4

1. chunky sweater — love

2. my Vera Bradley mailbag in Va Va Bloom

3. these booties in brown — fall perfection!

4. my floral leggings.  Thanks, Paps! 

{achaia's picks}

Kay1 Kay2

Kay3 Kay5

1. what great style!

2. I love my J.Crew lemon blouse

3. shopping for vintage dresses (I love hers!)

4. It Started With Eve — a new favorite movie

30-Minute Doll Clothes



We were so delighted when Nancy Ziemman invited us to join her 30-Minute Doll Clothes blog tour!!  She generously sent us a copy of her new book – 30-Minute Doll Clothes – and we had lots of fun pouring over all of her adorable designs.  We have admired Nancy's talent for many years, so we were excited to get started on our own interpretation of her "Speedy Sundress"… especially since Darison received a new American Girl doll for her birthday.  We loved getting to make them coordinating outfits!  The Speedy Sundress goes beautifully with our rosa lea dress.

Dolly1 Dolly4
Dolly9 Dolly10

Abigail is our biggest doll lover, so she had the honor of sewing up the sundress.  It couldn't have been simpler to whip up!  But it looks absolutely precious.  Achaia added hand embroidered blanket stitches around the tiny flower appliques on both dresses for an extra-special finish!  Seeing Darison's excitement over their matching dresses was the best thing of all.  We all LOVE 30-Minute Doll Clothes!!



Dolly15 Dolly6

Be sure to finish the blog tour with…

July 19    Ingrid Pinto  (

July 20    Page Hill  (

July 21    Joan Hinds & Nancy Zieman  (

But of course, you really should start at the beginning!  We have been amazed at the lovely creations these gals have come up with!  Also be sure to enter the 30-Minute Doll Clothes giveaway.  Prizes include…

Run over here to sign up.



Our vacation in pictures!

Bug at night

Abiah in the evening.

Let's eat cake


Picture time

Celebrating our wonderful grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary! 

Cutting the cake

Our beautiful Paps and Nanny… what an inspiration you are to us all!


Adorable cousin!

All the girls

A fun shopping day with our great friends.

Funny face

Funny cousins.

Indy zoo

Mr polar bear


Taking a break

Kay and the penguins





A day at the zoo. (Which we happened to do the day that Indy broke a heat record set in 1937!)

You know that your vacation was absolutely fabulous when you were there for two whole weeks, and it seemed about 3 days long.  These pictures really just touch the tip of the iceberg… everyday was full and busy, so we didn't have much time for picture taking!!

xoxo! the Long ladies

Join us with Nancy Zieman!

30-Minute Doll Clothes Book Cover

A few weeks ago we were delighted to be offered the opportunity of joining Nancy Zieman and other fellow sewing bloggers in a quest to make some adorable doll outfits from Nancy's new book, 30-Minute Doll Clothes.  Ladies, the outfits inside are seriously cute — but, more on that later.  Nancy's hosting a blog tour (see her Day 1 here), so come and join us on Wednesday, July 18th and see what we've cooked up!!

Can't wait to see you there!

xox the Long ladies

Hugs & Kisses

Image038 _love

We're popping in from our vacation right now to say 'hey'!  As might be expected, we're having a grand vacation, and are sorry to see the time slipping away so fast.  We've gone shopping with great friends, singing, hosting an anniversary party, gone flea marketing, played with cousins, played family games, watched old TV shows, more shopping, and today we went to the zoo.  The rest of our days here aren't empty either.  There's still plenty more to do!  So, we'll plan on filling in all the details for you once we get home.  By the way, we caved in now and are on Instagram under thelongladies if you want to follow!  We've been too busy having fun to post many pictures, but hope to have some up more frequently soon.

Oh, and that ADORABLE picture above??  Well, we decided to raid Nan's pictures since we didn't have any on hand.  And, naturally, this cutie was a favorite, so we had to use it.  That's Nan's parents – Grandpa and Grandma Conwell.  It was probably taken in the mid-to-late thirties.  Isn't it darling?!  We love our family!!

Hope you all had a great Independence Day!

More later.  Hugs & kisses — xoxox Kristie, Apphia, Achaia, Abigail, & Abiah