Tropical Feast.



Saguaro Hotel_palm springs

all above images via Pinterest


Sometimes we love to just look at pictures that don't necessarily have anything to do with fabric or sewing, but just beauty and color.  It's a great thrill to find inspiration in so many different places!  We're loving tropical colors right now, and Calypso is THE perfect vibrant collection!  (Psst… you can even see what Abs did with it in our last post!).  Oh, and yes… it's 20% off through the 2nd of March!  Enjoy! xoxox

Playing Polyvore {spring edition}



Abiah's Outfit ~ {denim jacket – Lands' End Canvas} {vintage tee – J.Crew} {denim straight skirt – Made by her} {flat espadrilles – Eddie Bauer} {necklace – Secret Garden (Tipton, IN)} {sunglasses – Walgreens}



Abigail's Outfit ~ {chambray shirt – Khol's} {sundress – Made by her} {moccasins – Minnetonka (from Apphia)} {sunglasses – Dooley's 5 & dime (Fredericksburg, TX)} {leather bracelet – Made by her (with a bit of help from Nan)}



Achaia's Outfit ~ {denim shirt – American Eagle} {lace camisole – American Eagle} {full, diamond skirt – Anthropologie} {bag – Zappos} {flats – Macy's} {bow necklace – flea market (Grove, OK)}

Well, today Mom and Apphia were out running errands and we decided we'd have a little spring-inspired recreation.  Personally, we don't use Polyvore ourselves (though we appreciate what others do with it), but we were just inspired by putting together pretty clothing combinations that we are hoping to wear this spring!  We don't know anyone who isn't looking forward to warmer weather, do you? 

Okay, so now we have to ask… if you were picking out one of these combinations, which one would suit you best??  Off to do some sewing!

Have a terrificly fabulous evening, friends! xo Achaia, Abigail, & Abiah

Reflections on the past ten days.


Things on the blog front have been pretty quiet lately, if you haven't noticed.  We've been doing so many different things, it's just hard to keep up with them all at once!

Nanny got here 10 days ago, and, as usual (and we completely expected it) we have been having a blast.  Sadly, the time seems to go by so extremely fast, and we never have enough time to do all that we wanted to.  We're going to console ourselves after she leaves tomorrow with cleaning the house, possibly some sewing, and eating pizza and watching movies in the evening. 

We thought we would give you a sneak peek into our 10 days….

::The truth is now out— we plan on having a booth at the International Quilt Market in Kansas City this May!!!  We really could fill up this whole post with lots of exclamation points, as it's such an exciting thing for us, and really, a dream come true.  Since Nan and Paps are so sweet (!), they're planning on coming along and helping us (Paps is already at home sanding + painting for us — he's a real sweetheart), so we spent lots of time while Nan was here going over what we wanted our booth to look like.  We set a 'mock-up' booth the day after she got here, and moved around all our dress forms, picked out different outfits for each one, chose a color scheme, ordered a coffee table for the booth, and played around with all the other little details that end up being so important.  We even got Dad and the boys in on it one suppertime.  We're praying for everything to be beautiful, to run smoothly, and to enjoy every minute of it!! 

It's a really interesting thing to watch all five six of us bounce ideas off of eachother.  It's almost a lesson in accepting eachother, as our styles and preferences can vary so much!  Coming up with combinations and ideas that suit everyone, and bringing all our different styles together and combining them to come up with something that sorta represents all of us together.  It's a really neat thing. (Not that there aren't times when we strongly disagree with eachother.  Then it's Nan and Mom's job to play umpire.  Ahem.)

::Okay, we did the usual, things that we always do when Nan's here….. puzzles, flea marketing, Mexican food, sewing, eating with friends, staying up late, watching movies, fabric shopping, and just plain talking.  We talk about everything from our latest sewing projects to our future hopes to our vacations to Biblical things to hair cuts, and everything in between.  It seems that that's one of things that make Nan's visits extra special.  Everyone just relaxes and soaks up every minute (with a few folding laundry times in between).

We hope your last 10 days were as blessed as ours! XOXO

Cardigan Girls





What would you know??  In just one day we all three woke up and picked out the EXACT same cardigan to wear… just in a variety of colors.  Boy, is this an example of great minds think alike?  We're not sure, but here's to hoping!


PS — We found our cardigans here.  They are now some of our very favorites, and all five of us have one (in all different colors, naturally)!  The fit is just perfect, and really, you can't beat that sale price! xo




Boiled Custard – "SMACK"

– 2 cups sugar

– 6 rounded tablespoons flour

– 6 egg yolks

Put in a pot, and mix, blending with just enough milk to make a paste (sorta gravy-ish). Add…

– 4 cups milk

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly.  When thickened add…

-2 teaspoons vanilla

– 1 stick butter

Stir well.  Eat! (That's the best part, right?) Tastes fabulous warm or cold!  Great over chocolate cake or (like we did here) with oreos crumbled over the top.


Want chocolate custard? — Add 2 tablespoons cocoa to sugar

Want egg custard? — Add ground nutmeg

Want coconut custard? — Add 1 cup coconut

Want to make a pie out of it? — It fills up two!


Happy Smacking!

xo the Long ladies