my best friend’s wedding.








She was so beautiful.  And it was the best day ever.  This was why we were gone for awhile at the end of last year.  I had the privilege of being Elizabeth's maid of honor, and Achaia was one of her bridesmaids!  We had intended on posting these pictures as soon as we got home, but time slipped away, and now they've been married for almost an entire month.  I guess we were just so full of the memories that we had to keep them inside for a little bit longer.  We love you, S and E.  Thanks for making us part of your special day!

xx Apphia

wrapped in love.




Gracie & us

We were so happy that we were able to share Sarah Grace's most recent birthday with her, and that we were able to make her something special.  Mom's always said that a handmade quilt means you're wrapped in love everytime you put it around you, and we couldn't think of anything we would love better to do for Sarah Grace than to wrap her in love every night.

Sweet dreams, Gracie!  We love you.


PS– In case you are curious, the quilt is our happy scappy quilt pattern, and it's made completely in one of our favorite happy lines… Pam Kitty Morning.  Oh, and we did make decorative pillows too.  It just makes a bed seem finished.

Oh, oh, oh!  We forgot to mention that our entire sale room is 10% off this week! xo

Turning 22 properly.






*First off— Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes!  I had a beautiful day, complete with cinnamon rolls, Anna Maria bias binding, a light box (to help with my embroidery, yay!), Mexican food & pop cake, Dr. Pepper, and Audie Murphy (yes, I'm a girl that loves classic westerns— you can thank my Dad and brothers for that).  I feel so very blessed by your friendship and my family's love. xxx

You are probably curious about The Dress.  About a week before my birthday I decided I was only turning 22 once, therefore a new dress would be in order.  I'm so happy with it!  The bias cut skirt is perfect (and definitely worth the extra fabric usage!), and I decided to liven things up with making the sleeves hemmed with a subtle 'V'.  I've always loved a detail like that, and was so happy I could add it to this dress.

The fabric is my newest fabric love: Loulouthi velveteen.  I've always had a soft spot for velveteens, and having it designed by Anna Maria Horner, was just icing on the cake.  And, it just so happens that she always picks colors that I love to wear.  These velveteens are super great to sew with, and I'm always on the band wagon of recommending them for winter sewing!

I'm excited to see what God has in store for me in my 22nd year!  I just can't believe it's here.

hugs and kisses ~Achaia

Happy 22nd birthday, Achaia!


Here's what you might already know… Achaia is a precious, loving, joy-filled servant of Jesus Christ.  She loves her family and we are absolutely crazy about her.  We're so thankful to the Lord for creating her like He did.  Happy birthday to our dear, sweet Achaia Victoria!!!

And here are 22 things you might not know…

– Purple is her favorite color

– She is extremely well organized

– Took gymnastics as a little girl

– And she clogged (dancing)

– She is very witty

– She loves Dr. Pepper

– And adores Frank Sinatra

– She once dreamed of owning her own blow-up chair (but it popped)

– Her Indian nickname was "Talks-A-Lot"

– She was born at home

– Is as loyal to her loved ones as she can be

– And she can't resist a good bargain

– Achaia used to decorate Velveeta boxes for pen and pencil storage (she grew out of that)

– Once owned a fuzzy purple box purse that she loved to pieces (thank you, Mamaw)

– Is a shoe addict

– She has two crowns (as in, Jack fell down and broke his crown)

– She's a hat person

– Loves history

– Her favorite dolly was named Doll-Doll, and she liked to sniff her hair (Doll-Doll is now in storage, though)

– She loves vintage clothes

– Almost always wears deep, rich colors (think Anna Maria Horner)

– Anthropologie is one of her all-time favorite stores


We love you, Achaia!!


Mom, Apphia, Abigail, and Abiah

’cause I got the urge



I sew when I get the urge. (And I'll admit it — sometimes I sew when I don't have the urge too.)  That's when I do it best.  And when I do it fast.  But faster is better, right? 

A good friend, Vanessa, gave me the inspiration for this scarf.  She'd found her scarf in Paris, but since Paris (sadly — sniff) isn't next door, I decided I'd try and make one.  The next Friday night I came up with this. 

And I love it!  

Of course, I used these few different fabrics: velveteen, voile and cotton.  Call me silly, but I love mixing fabrics.  love it.  Call it an obsession.



The weather was just perfect today.  We're having a beautiful January!  It's fun when you can just wear a cardigan over your shirt and a light scarf and still be comfortable.  I like cold weather … when I can crawl under a quilt (or blankie) on the couch and watch a good movie. In front of a fire, none-the-less. I can't forget the fire.  That's most important.  How's the weather where you are?  And what have you done lately, just 'cause you got the urge?

hugs & kisses-  Abs

pardon us…


…while we talk about cheese.

Yes, you read that correctly.  You see, we just have to take a moment and rave about our wonderful new cheese.  In our house, cheese is a must-have staple.  It's like running out of stick butter or chocolate chips (just ask Abigail) or milk– no good.  We've always been big cheese eaters.  In fact, if you slapped some mozzerella or cheddar on a rock, we would probably eat it.  And oh my.  It makes everything taste better.  Or, in some cases, it makes somethings bearable.  The amount the recipe calls for?  Well, that's just never enough.  You always need at least 1/2 a cup more. 

See?  Once we get started it's hard to stop.

Okay… that was just a little background for you so it's time to move forward.  Some of our good friends (that live in another state– just miles away) just happened to start making their own raw cheese.  Enter jumping-for-joy excitement.  Our particular favorite, naturally, is their mozzerella variety as it's wonderful on burritos and our pizza.  It makes the pizza even better (we hardly thought it was possible).  Is there anyone out there that doesn't like cheese??

Thanks for listening to our cheese raving.  We plan to be back with wedding pictures or the giveaway winner soon!

xox the Long ladies