{my new favorite skirt}




And I adore it!

I purchased the pattern here and added a few inches for the colder weather that's coming. It was really simple to make, although I quirked it enough for you and me. The bag??? Oh. I got it at Target. Isn't it adorable? The sweater is an incredible sale buy from Lands' End Canvas. It makes for the most comfortable fall outfit yet. (Although my mommy, sisters and me are working on more such outfits!)

While I'm writing this post, my Nan, Paps, and sisters are headed home after a long, fun and busy weekend at Quilt Market. (I'll try and persuade them to share pictures!) I can't wait to hug them to pieces.

love- Abi




Well. Fall is finally here. And we're not exactly sure where it came from!

Apphia, Achaia, Nan and Paps are in Houston now, attending the annual Quilt Market. And while they're gone, the rest of us girls are trying to be good, and are doing a lot of fall & winter sewing! 


What's going on in your fall days?


Real men love quilts!


Meet Big E, the boss at S&H Farm Supply in Joplin, MO.  And his Happy Scrappy quilt.  He thinks he'll call it Ol' Brownie, because of course this quilt has to have a name like all his others have had.  (Yes, he's had others!)


See?  Real men do love quilts.  (Along with loving big tractors and John Wayne.)  We used the blues and browns from Jennifer's versatile West Indies collection for this Happy Scrappy… we thought it was just the thing for Big E.


So now you know what to make your dad/husband/brother for Christmas!


Celebrating Abigail American





Today we're celebrating our dear Abigail's 19th birthday!  There are so many things we could say about her…. things we love about her.  She's definitely one of the most hilarious people you'll ever know.  She's as cute as a button— how many girls could wear the outfit she has on in these pictures and look that smashing?? (And we're not at all biased.)  Oh, and while we're talking about what we love about her, how about her hair.  Yes.  We regularly want to swap heads with her.  Absie is also a complete sewing speeder.  If you want something yesterday, she's your girl.  And she is always willing to help one of us out on a last  minute sewing project.  If all these things weren't enough, she has a beautiful heart, with a desire to please The Lord.  Did we mention we couldn't live without her??

Happy Birthday, Absie!! 

Hugs & Kisses~  Mom, Apphia, Achaia, & Abiah

PS… Okay, everyone!  Your turn to wish our stupendious daughter/sister a beautiful birthday! xo

Technical Difficulties

Hello everyone! It's Jenny Fish from Sew Pretty Dresses again. The sweet Long Ladies are having technical difficulties with their computer again and wanted me to tell you they are HOPING to be up and running again tomorrow. Lord willing. Love those sweet ladies!

So hang tight on the giveaway, they will be back soon to tell you the winners, and they will fill any orders that have been made in the past few days as soon as they can access their email
Blessings to you!

Four Winners!

It seems to us it's time to have a giveaway.  Agree??  Good.  And, we decided that just giving away one thing wasn't right.  So, we will have four winners!  Ready?

Here's details on the loot::


Honey Child fat quarter bundle (10 fat quarters)   

Shabby Chic jelly roll (18 3" strips)

Loulouthi jelly roll (20 3" strips)   

West Indies fat quarter bundle (14 fat quarters)


All these bundles are so cute, if we do say so ourselves!  We even like to use them for decoration.  Occasionally we sew with them too!


So!  Here's what you've got to do….

~leave us a comment! (naturally.)

~Give us your first and second bundle choice

~Tell us your favorite movie

~That's it!


This giveaway is open to everyone, so jump right in!

Much love~

XX the Long ladies

Edited PS— We got so excited we forgot to mention when the giveaway closes.  Oops!  We're keeping it open until October 16th, and we'll plan to announce the winners on the 17th.  xoxo

lovin’ it…


Our friend Tanya's new book!  Sew What You Love.  How's that for a sweet title?  Isn't the cover adorable?!  We can't wait to get our hands on a copy.  There is something about Tanya's style that just fits us Long ladies to a T.  You will probably recognize her name, because we have carried every fabric collection she's ever designed.  That's how much we love her.  (For all you Darla and Delilah fans, just wait till you see what Tanya's cooked up for the end of the year!)

Anyway, back to her lovely book.  It's available for pre-order right now!  Check it out at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com.  And dash over to Tanya's blog to find out how to receive a free down-loadable bag pattern.

2011chicsisters 2011gracie  2011torrance 2011route66

We have some news of our own to share, too.  Awhile back we finally bit the bullet.  The sort of overwhelming bullet of sending off our patterns to a new printing company.  We couldn't be any happier!!  Palmer did such a wonderful job.  So now you'll see some new pattern covers up in the shop.  They'll come to you in a new glossy package, with professionally folded pages.  And all the instructions are now on a single sheet, so it'll be harder to misplace them!

We also wanted to let all of you know that we've made the difficult decision to discontinue a couple of our patterns — the bianca handbag and the summer shade jumper (sizes 2-10 or sizes 10-18).  They will be 50% off till they're gone!  And we won't be reprinting.  If you had your heart set on one of these patterns, please order it soon!

What do you think of these new covers?  (We'll show more later.)  Speaking of patterns, our heads are full of plans for new ones.  Is there anything in particular you'd like to see?

We're still working on the Joplin Quilt Project, with updates to post soon.

Love from the studio (where it's sunny today)~

XO, the Long ladies