one colorful month

September has been a very interesting-good-full month.  It seems like every day we've had about 47 things to do. 

(-Note- Using the specific number 47.  It's an unspoken Mom rule to always use the number 47 when talking about several things.  And, if you happen to be talking about an extra lot of things, you just jump to 1000.  Just a little explanation…. we love our Mom!)

This month was filled with a two week vacation, Mom's birthday, the birthday bash (we just recooperated from that one), the pouring in of so many lovely quilt tops for Joplin (update soon, hopefully!), and the launch of two new patterns, along with some other exciting, lots of work, pattern happenings.  Hopefully we'll get our act together and share all of that soon!  We aren't even going to mention all the regular day-to-day things that have kept us busy.  Including a scenario that strangely resembles my thumb incident from earlier this summer.  Abigail insists I can't have all the fun by myself.  She's a good sister.  


We can hardly believe September is over, and we're looking forward to seeing what The Lord has in store for us in October!

And, you are probably wondering about these pictures.  Well, it's my first official completed embroidery project.  I started on inexpensive flour sack dishtowels (that way I wasn't making a complete mess of something really nice).  Now I'm ready to move on to something even more exciting— clothes!

We're off to celebrate the end of the month with pizza and movies!

xxx the Long ladies

The Joplin Quilt Project

June 14th, 2012 update::

    Hurray!  We have successfully distributed all of the quilts made for the Joplin Quilt Project!  There were a grand total of 69 quilts made — ranging in sizes from baby to king.  We are so thankful for everyone’s gracious help and support.

In love,

the Long ladies – Kristie, Apphia, Achaia, Abigail, and Abiah


We began the Joplin Quilt Project: Love your Neighbor, to help the families of Joplin who lost much during the devastating May 22nd, 2011 tornado.

Monetary donations would be greatly appreciated to help cover quilting and backing costs.  Please email us ( if you would you like to donate.  Thank you!

Our quilting lady has been working steadily on the quilts, and we’re currently engaged in binding them.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the Warm & Natural Batting Company (our very favorite batting company) for generously donating batting to our cause.

Quilts tops have poured in from all over the country.  A big THANK YOU to these wonderful people who have so lovingly given of their time and resources to produce beautiful quilt tops…

Franziska Hawkins

Libby Oldham

Marian, Alyssa, & Caryssa Wilkinson

Carolyn & Carly Kierstead (CJ’s Craft Corner)

Emily Nichols

Melissa Rakes

Deanna Edgren, Deanna’s Mom, & Deanna’s sewing girls

Keri Salazar

Karan, Faith, Jane, & Becky Cook

Abigail Lucas

Judith Hartman

Lillie Fitzhugh

Pat West

Mary Ann Miller

Jill Noble

Tammy Titus

Aneysa Foflygen

Megan & Emily Andersland

Melissa Niednagel

Merlene Browning

Sue Bramer

Susan, Emma, Mimi, & Mary Brandon

Vicky Byars

Janet Wright

Rosie Ruddick

Tammy, Amanda, Rebekah, Samara, James, Paul, & Hannah Alger

Trudy & Rachel Davis

Heather, Jessica, & Julia Tull

Sarah Titus

Maureen Bowyer

Shalee, Kelsey, & Autumn Zink

Sandy Kingery

Olivia Feller

Ella in Georgia

Angela, Stacy, Laurel, Trina, Lori, Julie, Dani, & Karen

Katie Sterland & sewing girls

Jocelyn Pleus

Becky Lutz

Vail Neal

Susan Madziarczyk

Cassie McClelland

Karista Low

Faith Grubb

The Winther family

Ann Wakefield

Carmen & Leah Vidal

Chloe & Michelle Shearon

Chantel Brankshire

Tabitha Garcia

Patricia Creech

Snodgrass family

Joanna Donahue

Kayleen Runyan

Melinda Lickteig

Kathleen Hogue

If you have donated anything for the Joplin Quilt Project and do not yet see your name on this list, please contact us.  (  We want to have a list of everyone who’s helped!  God bless you.



She sure is a honey.


Is this great or what??!  We hinted at our recent photo shoot a while ago, and now we're happy to share it with you all.  Meet this beautiful 1959 convertible!  When Paps told us that one of his (therefore, our) good friends owned this lovely, we KNEW a photo-taking-extravaganza was in order.  It was bought brand spankin' new in '59, and the color is original (it was called 'geranium').  Isn't it beautiful?  All of us are complete vintage-car nuts — and convertibles make the problem even worse.  Are we the only ones?  We must come by it honestly… our Paps is a whiz at spotting and naming off any (and we mean ANY) car name, model, colors it came in, and the year it came out.  Reminds us of hearing about when Mom was a girl– Paps would re-do cars and sometimes Nan would come over and do some neat-o pinstriping on the side.  Now that's talent!

Enjoy!  xx the Long ladies

IMG_5172 IMG_5186 IMG_5175







IMG_5210 IMG_5165 IMG_5220

Indiana.Vacation!_1 635



the proof’s in the puddin’



Here we are tonight with photographic proof that our sale was a bubbly success (thank you all!),and that we're still running to catch up with orders.

Oh, and that last picture is also proof that this tight ship doesn't always stay clean and tidy.  Right now when you walk into our studio you're bombarded with folded fabric everywhere, bolts of fabric, boxes, papers, ric rac, and cut out goodies ready to be sewn up, among other things.  Oh, that's right.  One of the other things happens to be a 1000 piece Old West puzzle.  We get lots of company here.

And no, we didn't photoshop those empty bolts in the background either.  That's more proof that we've sold lots of fabric.  And we can't wait to order more.

Much love & good night!   the Long ladies

PS  We also wanted to let you in on the giveaway our friends are having over at Life in a Shoe…. a $50 marie-madeline gift certificate OR the skirt of your choice!  Hurry on over.  xx

The happy-birthday post.

Little mom~












Our very best friend.  And we have the privilege of calling her Mommy.


Happy birthday to our beautiful Mom!!  We just can't imagine life without you.  (Not even for a half-second.)  And without you we wouldn't be here to begin with.  You're the thread that holds all these funny little girls together.  We will love you forever and forever, and then some!  Thank you for always wanting us to be with you, thank you for holding our hands through everything that hurts and for telling us when we need to dry our eyes and deal with it.  We're so thankful to the Lord for making us your girls!


Apphia Jade, Achaia Victoria, Abigail American, & Abiah Hope Kingery


Ps. Read more about Mommy over here!  And wish her a happy birthday, too.

The past two weeks….


We've eaten s'mores.  Twice.  Hot dog cook-outs always call for s'mores (or in some cases just black marshmallows, right, Nanny and Aunt Nancy??)


We went to The Secret Garden in Horton's store.  We just can't help ourselves.  They have way too much pretty stuff!


Lounged on Paps & Nan's bed while we cleaned Nanny's closet.  That was great!  Our closet cleaning adventures go way back.  Our Nan's never forgotten that way-too-small purple flowery knit outfit, have you, Nan? 

We are constantly amazed at all the beautiful goodies Nan has put up in their home.  Of course, it really just feels like our home too.  What a fantastic way to use your necklaces as part of your home decor!

Naturally, a trip wouldn't be complete without spending time shopping here and there, and setting aside one particular day for antique/flea market shopping.  Treasure Mart, is one whale of a place (three full stories high)!  And, after shopping we had to eat at our all-time favorite Louie's Coney Island.  If you're ever in Kokomo, IN you have to go there!  Order a coney all the way–including cheese– with a marshmallow coke, and seasoned french fries.  It's bound to make your tummy happy! 

On our two week trip we also spent a morning have a great photo shoot.  More pictures coming soon, Lord willing!!  We can't wait to share them!

We spent one evening making hodge-podge necklaces.  We had to lay them all out in a row to see how each seperate necklace displayed the makers personality.  Call us silly, but we love doing that kind of thing!! 
IMG_5074  IMG_5079 IMG_5081 IMG_5090
We also had the greatest time spending a few hours with some sweet and great friends!  (You might recognize Ashley and Gabrielle.)  It was such a delight to realize they lived quite close to Paps & Nan.  They invited us over for a meal — thanks, Gabrielle, for the delicious homemade pizza (Apphia had to get her recipe), and we had so much fun getting to know them better!  Ashley and I {Achaia} have so much in common.  Sometimes it's crazy how often we'd pick the exact same stuff!  A million thank yous for the lovely time, and we hope we can see y'all again soon!

To top all of this off we got to spend some great time with uncles, aunts, and cousins, go to the park, watch some old TV shows, add a new cheese enchilada to our crazy count, eat ice cream hot fudge sundaes, and just plain old be together.  Can't get better than that!

There you have it.  A quick overview of our past two weeks!  What did you do??  More marie-madeline developements coming soon so stay tuned!  Much love~ just us xxxx