Down to business

On with the cheese Pepperoni time




Hard at work Rolling the dough.2

Rolling the dough Eating their work

Chocolate girl

Super, super sundae

Last Saturday we hosted a fun (girls only) party and had our great friends, Darison & Emerson over.  We had so much fun!  The day included miniature pizzas (they got to do all the making themselves), soda out of fun glasses (thanks, Jenny!), and super duper ice cream sundaes… with more toppings than you can imagine, naturally.  We finished the day off by playing a number of different games.  Thanks so much for coming over, Dare and Em!  We cannot wait to do it again!

We plan on being gone on a little holiday, so it will be quiet around here until September.  (Unless, of course, we decide to pop in and say hello while we're gone!)  Happy day to all of you!                         xxx the Long ladies


Colorful Crochet!!

Colorful crochet 006

Colorful crochet 005

Who in the world said you had to use only one ball of yarn for each washcloth??  We decided we had to do something about that.  Now, we're hooked on varigated-beyond-just-plain-varigated.  What do you think???

xx the Long ladies

Starry Skies


Sunny skies

Another view
Take a gander at my new shirt!  Here's a bullet-point overview of how I did it—

::I cut out the 60ish stars myself, using the star tracings in this book (it's such a cute book, and we're big Cath Kidston fans over here!) and appliqued them on to one of my very favorite white tees. 

::I love combining fabric collections, so that's what I did for this project.  I began with the basic color-scheme I was going for, and started stacking up fabrics until it worked.  You'll see pieces from Loulouthi, Good Folks, and a tad bit of Annie's Farm Stand thrown in. 

::I used some silvery-grey thread from our ample supply to do a running stitch around all of the stars.

::There you have it! 

It was actually quite a bit of fun to make, and even more fun to wear.  We took these pictures at a cute wooden fence beside Stogey's Coney Island in Joplin after we'd finished stuffing ourselves.  

Happy Friday to all of you!  xxx Achaia 

Back view



Lots of clothes
Come visit our new……. SALE ROOM

We're so excited about the newest section on our site (We gave you a little hint about it awhile back.)!  Here's where you will find all of the goodies we've been using for photo shoots, measurements, and displays that we have to say good-bye to.  And, they are at good prices, so… go check it out!  Please continue to keep an eye on the sale room, as we plan to add items as we have them.


Next up….. this week 25% off Jennifer Paganelli fabrics!

That includes all of the best—

    Dance With Me, Honey Child, Poodle, Pretty Please, Queen Street, & So St. Croix

Yay!  Jennifer is one of our very, very all-time favorite designers, and we absolutely adore her.  We can't wait to get her newest line sometime this month!

Last, but not least (borrowed from our newsletter)….


-The quilt tops are coming in!!!  Thank you all so very much.
-They are beautiful.
-Our favorite batting company, Warm and Natural, has donated all the batting we need!
-BUT we need quilt backing.
-If you feel led to help, please send us new flat sheets (queen or king only) in basic colors.  We need them by the end of August so we can start putting quilts together!
-And if you do, we'll send you a $5 coupon to!
That's all for now!  love, us 

gathering Summer skirt – tutorial!

Summer skirt tutorial 001_before
Summer skirt tutorial 052_after
It's really rather simple. I found this pillowcase at a flea market, and loved it. But, due to the overwhelming amount of pillowcases already piled high on my closet shelf (ahem), I decided to do something different with it — and came up with this!! And I love it. I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Now. I can sew like mad and make up lots of different things, but telling someone how to do, is like talking Greek. (And I only talk Greek as far as my sisters names!)

The Gathering Summer Skirt tutorial:

-1 pillowcase

fabric (I needed about 30")

-3/8" wide elastic (minus one inch the measurement of your waist)

First things first, cut about 1/2" off the sides and top of your pillowcase. Like this:

Summer skirt tutorial 002
Now you'll have two pillowcase pieces.

Summer skirt tutorial 004
Cut 2 strips of fabric 9 1/2" wide x the length of your pillowcase + one inch (for hemming purposes!).

INSERT: I put the front and back of the pillowcase pieces up to me, and measured the extra amount of fabric I'd need. I decided on 9 1/2" for shrinkage purposes. Hold your pillowcase pieces up to you and decide on what added amount would be best for you! Don't forget to add about 2-2 1/2" for shrinkage, seam allowance, etc.

Summer skirt tutorial 005 Summer skirt tutorial 006

Hem the bottoms of your two 9 1/2" panels up 1". (Measure up 1", then fold the raw edges in to meet the crease. Sew along the opened edge.)

Summer skirt tutorial 007

Right sides together, sew your panels to your pillowcase sides. Sew the other side of your pillowcase to the right sides of your fabric panels. Press all four seams open!

Summer skirt tutorial 010 Summer skirt tutorial 012
Cut four 2" strips the length of your original [before you hemmed them] panels. Press the raw edges in and hem the bottoms of the strips.

Summer skirt tutorial 015 Summer skirt tutorial 017

Place your strips, raw edges down, on the seam lines on the outside of your skirt, matching hem lines. Repeat with the three remaining 2" strips and the three remaining seam lines.

Summer skirt tutorial 018

Sew along both sides of your strip. But DO NOT sew the ends closed!

Summer skirt tutorial 020

Now! Cut eight strips of fabric (the same length as your original panels!) 1 1/2" wide. Turn the end in a small amount (about 1/4") and fold the raw edges in toward the center.

Summer skirt tutorial 022 Summer skirt tutorial 023
Turn the raw edges in again to make a fold. Sew along the bottom edge and opened side.

Summer skirt tutorial 024 Summer skirt tutorial 025
Starting at the top and using a bodkin, pull two ties through your casing. Repeat this step with your remaining six ties and the last three casings.

Summer skirt tutorial 026

Pin and sew your ties down at the top at a 1/4". Simple as pie.

Summer skirt tutorial 027
Pull your ties through and scrunch along the way! Do a loose knot with your ties. (Or do a cute bow, if you don't mind your skirt a little shorter.)

Summer skirt tutorial 028
At the top of your skirt, fold down the fabric 1". Fold the raw edges in and down to meet the crease. Sew at the very edge of the opened edge, leaving a small opening for your elastic to run through.

*TIP*  for a simple way of bringing your elastic through the casing of your skirt, use a safety pin.

Summer skirt tutorial 030 Summer skirt tutorial 032
Run the 3/8 elastic through the casing of your skirt. Sew the elastic together at the ends; careful not to twist the elastic in the casing. Pull your elastic into your skirt and sew your small opening closed.

Summer skirt tutorial 036
And your skirt is done!!!!

Summer skirt tutorial 051

Summer skirt tutorial 054

Summer skirt tutorial 049

The End.

so….. What do you think??