kitty mae!


kitty mae…

-comes in girls' sizes 2/3 through 14/16

-has two views (one gored version, and one with a sweet apron overlay)

-will come printed on heavy paper for easy tracing

-fully illustrated instructions & full-sized pattern pieces

-easy to sew!

-comfy elastic waist

-ankle length (for twirling purposes, naturally)

-patterns for three of our favorite appliques are included – a cupcake, a strawberry, and a chubby birdie.


-available for pre-order now (kitty mae will ship out at the same time as torrance!)

-email us at mariemadelineATnetinsDOTnet, and we'll pop your name on the waiting list!


Kittymae 032_text

Our little friend Darison is modeling the kitty mae skirt view B, with a cupcake applique on her tee!

Kittymae 046.edited Kittymae 066.edited


Kittymae 224.edited

And here are a few shots of kitty mae view A, paired with our amelia peasant top…


This version of kitty mae features a really fun split-front apron overlay.  (We love this skirt a LOT.)  It's great for special occasions and play days!

Darison.turquoise 130.edited

Darison.turquoise 150.edited

Darison.turquoise 180.edited

So, what do you think?!

LOVE, the Long ladies

kitty mae… is coming!!!











YES!!  Another pattern for girls is on the way!  And this one has applique patterns, too.  More details tomorrow…

love, the Long ladies

Ps. Extra-special thank-yous go to our sweet little models, Darison and Emerson, for braving 100 degree+ heat for this photo shoot.  They were such good sports!!  And you probably haven't seen cuter ones, either.  XO

Oh!  We also wanted to tell you that these gorgeous fabrics – Flower Sugar spring 2011 – are 20% off through the 30th!

Maybe we got ahead of ourselves.

You know, occasionally we do something and then, once we've done it, we aren't quite sure it was a good idea.  Case in point: the 50+ pounds of pearl cotton that arrived at our door a few weeks ago.  The company that we love (and that we use to furnish our Nana with fun crocheting thread) was selling their company, and having a sale.  Everything was at a terrific rock-bottom bargain price.  Well??  What could we do?  Of course, we did what we Long's always do.  We bought.  In bulk.

It's just that when we find a good bargain on something that will never go bad we have a slight tendency to over-buy.  Kind of like the eight LARGE boxes filled with shipping envelopes that showed up one day.  We knew what we were ordering (we did need them)…. we just didn't realize they'd come like that.  Oh, this is getting too funny.

And why are we stocking up on pearl cotton thread?  We've really been getting an itch to stitch.  Particularly of the embroidery type.  I (Achaia, that is) am learning all the different stitches right now, and really enjoying it— more on that later hopefully.  Now that I'm getting everything down, I have already started getting customers — i.e. sisters — lined up that want embroidered Mexican tops.  (Me too!) 

So, maybe we did get a little bit ahead of ourselves this time.  At least, we won't need to buy any for about thirty years.  And we have happy thread in every color of the rainbow!

the fun of Summer mornings


Please don't judge.

Some mornings you just need a pick-me-up, and you can't go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter. You know, they really are good for you??

Kind of like that ice cream bar Nan would give us after spending the night with her and Paps. Don't you see the connection??? The ice cream's really just frozen milk, and the chocolate covering it makes it chocolate milk.

But we did have to eat a piece of toast too. Nan's awesome that way.


But I did use this yummy lemon to even out the very healthy Reese's Cups I'd just eaten. And made this::


It was really good. (Please don't ask me what all I put in it!)

And when it's Summer you can wear fun things too. (Kind of like our eating habits, ya know?)

I love that about Summer.

Kay's loulouthi 001

Blayde liked it, at any rate.

Good Pup!

I love him for that!!

I love Summer!

And I love you friends! What's your favorite thing about Summer? Maybe the breakfasts?

XX~  Abi

Playing Catch-Up

We're back! It's been really hard to miss out talking with all of you— boy, are glad to be back in business. We might add practically, as we are still having some issues with uploading pictures. We are working on it! But, we didn't want everyone to be in the dark on what's been going on here while we've been silent. So look out!

::Being without internet can get a little trying.

::But we did get some sewing done!

::We plan on having a bundle sale sometime next week!

::Hopefully a new section will be up on our website shortly. We're looking forward to seeing what you all think of it!

::It's very hot here in Missouri.

::Thus, the frequent trips to the swimming pool!

::We recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Renee! You can read it right here.

::Free shipping for US customers on our site with orders over $25! Just enter JULY2011 in the code box. (Ends July 22nd)

::International customers— we'd like to send you a free yard of fabric! Just mention the free yard in the message box.

::We have been doing some new photo shoots, and are off to do another one today!

::We have a few fun, behind the scenes pictures that we hope to share soon.

::We're sooo glad to be back!


Lots of love from Missouri!

xx Kristie, Apphia, Achaia, Abigail, & Abiah

Technical Difficulties

Hi everyone! It's Jenny Fish from the Sew Pretty Dresses blog! The sweet Long Ladies are having some difficulty with their internet access so they cannot process orders and respond emails right now. They are working on having the problem resolved. Hopefully they will be up and running in the next day or so. I will keep you updated here if need be. In the meanwhile happy sewing!