How we can help!

We spent last week being heartbroken over all the people in Joplin who are hurting.  Lots of prayers and tears around here.  And we wanted to do what we could to help.  So here's what we're thinking…

– We can collect fabric scraps from anyone who is willing to ship them to us.  (Nothing smaller than 13" squares, please.)

Please ship to: the Long ladies, PO Box 574, Seneca, MO 64865

– We can also be collecting Queen or King-sized flat sheets (new or gently used) to be used as quilt backing.

– And we can make as many quilt tops as we can!

– We're asking for volunteers… if we sent you enough fabric to make a quilt top, would you sew it together for us?

The whole idea is to make as many quilts as we can for these families who don't have anything left.  It seems like the least we can do.  We'll plan to post updates on our progress along and along.  Please pass the word, and feel free to re-post this, facebook it, twitter it, or whatever you like.  Let's get the word out and start sewing!

XOXO, the Long ladies

safe and sound.

You all may have heard about the devastating tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri, yesterday – just 30 miles from our home.

But God is merciful, and we're all safe and sound, though our hearts ache for the many homes in Joplin that will never be the same. Thanks to all of you who've called and written. It means so much to us! And please keep praying. We're under a severe weather watch for the next two days, though we've already taken a beating by the rain and hail. Please forgive us if orders are delayed in shipping or emails are answered slowly. (We aren't usually able to use our computer in this kind of weather.)

We love you!

the Long ladies

Eleven years ago, today.

We've told you all before that Abiah shares her birthday with Nanny.  Which is very special, of course.  Abiah has always said that's the best thing about having been born on May 17th.  When Nan sent this picture over this morning, we knew we had to share it with all of you!  It was taken on one of their celebrate-our-birthday-together days, eleven years ago.  Does it get any sweeter than this?

We love you, Nanny!

XO, your girls

Happy Birthday.

Today Abiah turns 17!  It's so hard for us to believe.  It seems like it was only yesterday that we couldn't get her to pronounce her R's properly.  And now she's a beautiful young lady, with dreams and talents all her own!  We don't know what we'd do without her.Birthday.girl 
Happy birthday, Budsie!  You fill us all with so much joy.  Thank you for being the best baby sister in the whole world.  You are always so supportive and cheerful.  Such an encourager!  We pray that the Lord will continue to make you who He wants you to be.

We'll love you forever and ever!

XO~ Mom, Apphia, Achaia, and Abi 

Ps. Please wish Abiah a happy birthday too!!!

sweet dreams

Sweet dreams 001


We love old pillowcases. Old anything, really. But vintage pillowcases are just too amazing. We especially love the ones that have been loved on. You really can sleep better on vintage pillowcases! If you've not tried it, you're really missing out!

These beauties were given to us by our sweet Aunt Rosie. Aunt Rosie is one of the most thoughtful and adorable aunts you could ask for! She picked out the perfect pillowcases for us too. His and Hers for Mom, a lady for Apphia, flower groupings for Achaia and Abiah, and ones with orange trim for Abi. Thank you, Aunt Rosie! We love you.

sweet dreams, friends!   xx- the Long ladies

A summer of no pants

SONP 094 
Recently we were asked to join Marigold's Summer of No Pants, and we were so happy to oblige!  Working with Marigold has been a dream.  Hop on over to her blog to see our 6 ways to wear 1 white dress guest post.  Oh!  And we'd love to hear what your favorite "look" is!

To add more to the fun, we're also giving away a street fair skirt pattern + your choice of fabric to make it on Marigold's blog too, so be sure to check that out!

Long live dresses!  xxx the Long ladies

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom's flowers 001 

(Yes, of course we know this post is a day late.  But we were too busy yesterday to write it.  And somehow, whenever it comes to writing about Mom we get lumps in our throats and usually put it off to the last minute anyway.)

Mom is one of those people who is really too, too good to be true.  She is perfect, although she doesn't think so.  We are SO thankful for her… we're thankful to be her daughters.  We're thankful to have been able to spend every day of our lives with her.  We're thankful for her love and her selflessness and her prayers, and even her correction.  (Yes, that does happen sometimes.)  And if we could have our wish, we'd be mommies just like she is one day!

We love you, Mommy!

XOXO your girls,

Apphia, Achaia, Abigail, and Abiah