the *best* cookies ever!

We like to have (and keep!) a little snack on hand. You never know when you'll need a booster!

oatmeal peanut butter cookies

-1 cup butter

-1 cup peanut butter

-1/2 cup white sugar

-1 cup brown sugar

-2 eggs

-1 tsp. vanilla

-2 tbsp. water

-1 1/2 cups flour

-1 tsp. baking soda

-1 tsp. salt

-2 1/2 cups quick oats

-2 cups chocolate chips  (we love our chocolate chips! And sometimes we add a little bit more than needed — for good measure!)

Cream butter and sugars together. Add other ingredients in, putting the chocolate chips in last. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Makes…. we really can't tell you exactly how much it makes, because we eat too much dough!


the Long ladies

Happy 18th to our Absie girl!

Just say it isn't so – our Abs at the ripe old age of 18?!

Happy birthday to Abigail!  What would we do without her?  She keeps us on our toes.  She keeps us laughing hysterically.  She keeps our days sunshine-y.  If people were like ice cream, Abigail would be rainbow sherbet!

Abs, we're so thankful for you!  We love seeing you grow day by day into a godly, useful, lovely, loving young lady.  We love your tell-it-like-it-is personality, your staggering creativity, and your sparkly smile.  But we love most of all to see your boundless energy being used to glorify Christ!

We love you!

Mom, Apphia, Achaia, and Abiah


Hello again!

Oh, we're SO thankful to be back!  Our technical difficulties have been resolved.  And we've missed you all for the past few days.  Thanks for being patient with us!  (When it comes to computers, quite frankly, we're all blondes.)

You are probably wondering about the winner of our happy scrappy quilt!  Well, Lord willing, we'll let you know tomorrow. 

Emails will be answered as quickly as possible, and orders will be filled in a jiffy.  We've got some fun stuff we'd like to share with you over the next few days!

Love and hugs from our home to yours~

xoxo, the Long ladies

Ps. Extra-special thanks go to our dear friend Jenny, for letting you all in on our predicament.  She is the best!

Technical Difficulties

Hi everyone! This is Jenny Fish for the sweet Long Ladies. They are having technical difficulties with their computer and should hopefully be up and running in the next 24 hours to 36 hrs. There will be a slight delay in their response to emails as well as filling orders that have been sent to them in the last couple of days. They are working hard to get everything up and running as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

We like our tights a lot.

Abi's.color.tights. 002 
Tights 003 
Tights 004 

Do you ever wonder how much longer it'll be till the next season just so you can wear something you love? Well. Our tights are one of those things. We love our tights. Colorful. And sometimes not so colorful. But they say who we are and what we're like. Apphia's plum ones can't say Achaia when Achaia's wearing a pair that already says HER! But Abiah prefers her sweet detailed blacks ones much more than Abi's funky pair that no one but SHE could wear!  We like our tights. A lot.

So tell us. What is it that you can't wait to wear?

lots of love from here,   the Long ladies

We were featured in Earthen Vessels magazine!


We were really and truly delighted when Emily contacted us about being featured in her family's publication, Earthen Vessels.  It was so much fun!  Emily graciously sent us a copy of her magazine… a beautiful and God-honoring read!  And to be in last month's edition was such an honor.  Please write to Emily at to receive your own sample copy of Earthen Vessels!


Lots of love,

xx the Long ladies

Please pass the salt….

Please pass 
… and pepper. 

When we went on our annual Muskogee trip, you'll never guess what I found!  These lovely salt and pepper shakers in jadite have the exact same design as my beautiful primrose dishes!  I really can't take all the credit for finding them.  Mom and Apphia were a few booths ahead of me, so they spied them first.  "Achaia, you HAVE to get these!!"  So, with a little pushing (it didn't take much) I left the flea market with these darling little shakers.  They just make me smile!  And, actually, I'm really fond of the jadite color of these too.  Who said every dish had to be plain white??

Ah, I wish I were eating something that needed salt!  Pepper would do too.  Any good ideas?

Much love~Achaia

dressing it up

Marie-madeline.labels 005

Marie-madeline.labels 006 
Sometimes, we've thought our little brown packages looked a bit too plain.  But not anymore!  These zippy neon-pink stickers ought to dress things up.  Don't you think so?  Our post master thinks they look fancy, like New York City.  (Which makes us giggle.)

We've had so much fun reading all about you!  And we love feeling like we know you better than we did before.  Thanks for entering the happy scrappy quilt giveaway.  We're over the 1700-entries mark!

Oh!  Coming soon?  A tutorial, hopefully.  Some thoughts on clothes for this fall.  New fabric.  But right now, we're off to eat some leftovers (do you do that, too?).

Lots of love!

the Long ladies xxx