We love to play with buttons…

Yes, we do.  As long as we can remember we've loved buttons.  When we were very little girls, Mom and Nan would take us to a little train-depot-turned-fabric-store called Arbuckles.  And they had more buttons than even we could think up projects for!  All shapes and sizes and colors, on a very large table.  Mom always let us buy a few of our favorites.  (Even if they did have little ducks on them.)  They're stored in a basket in the studio now, but Mom would like to use them one day.  For her granddaughters, of course.

So, what did we do in our free time?  Why, we covered buttons with little scraps of voile.  Just to look at.  Maybe we'll actually use them in a project sometime… just maybe.

XX the Long ladies

the story of the primrose dishes (as told by Achaia)….

Primrose 004
The dishes were so beautiful.  And I couldn't say no.Primrose 002
Primrose 001
It all started on Monday.  I was out flea marketing with my sweet mom and sisters, along with two good friends.  We were in a store I'd never been in before.  I turned around to walk in one of the booths, and guess what caught my eye?  These lovely dishes!  I had to get down close to them, pick them up, run my fingers over the pretty floral design.  Sigh.  Perfection.  It took some refraining on my part, but I didn't come home with all the dishes the store had.

After getting home and looking in one of our Fire King books from our dearest Nanny, I found the pattern is called Primrose.  It was made in the late 50s to the early 60s.  What could make me happier except the fact that they match with some of my all-time favorite fabric?Primrose 003