singin’ in the rain…

Abi's raincoat and 17th d-day 001

A few months ago, Paps bought Abigail this lovely bright red pleather.  And the raincoat is a commercial-pattern-with-Abi-alterations, which can be a bit tricky to replicate. 

Abi's raincoat and 17th d-day 002

Abigail most definitely sings– all she needs now is the rain.  (And perhaps a polka dot umbrella!)

A plan.

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Giveaways.  Giveaways and sales!  Now, how's that for a great combination?  Over the next several weeks before Christmas, we'd like to be hosting lots of both.  And we plan on including one of our "happy scrappy" quilts in the mix… this time, though, we'll have two for the winner to choose from!  All right in time for Christmas.

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So we wanted to let you all know first.  Lord willing, you'll get your first newsletter– with all the good details– at the beginning of next week.  This is going to be such fun!  Just in case you had your eye on something…

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   pleated cottage aprons in American Retro

We've been working heartily to stock the shop with all kinds of new goodies.  (We may even give away one of our new products!)  Nana's been crocheting up a storm, too.  A new pattern is in the works, new fabrics are on the way, and our days are full.

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And tonight is Cheeseburger Soup night… want to come over and chat awhile?  Maybe we'll have some brownies for dessert.

love, the Long ladies

Oh!  Abigail wants to thank you all SO much for the sweet birthday wishes!

Happy 17th to our most amazing Absie-Tabs!

She turned 17 today.  Seventeen!  And we can hardly believe it at all.  What a lovely young lady our Abigail is!  No one could ever take her place…









Thanks, Abs, for being such a wonderful daughter and sister.  Your desire to serve the Lord is an encouragement to all of us, and your funny ways never cease to make us smile.  We love you SO much!

xoxo, Us 



Hello everyone~

We just wanted to drop in for a minute and give you all a yummy recipe to try.  This is SOO good warm with vanilla ice cream!  It's pretty easy too, so we'd recommend serving it to last-minute company.  God willing we'll be back again very soon, with some more equally yummy things.  (But you can't eat these!)

xo, the Long ladies

Blueberry Crisp

4 cups blueberries

4 TBSP lemon juice

1 1/3 cups brown sugar

1/2 cup white sugar

4 tsp. cornstarch

1 1/3 cups oats

1 cup flour

2/3 cup butter

Heat oven to 350 degrees.  Toss blueberries with lemon juice in bottom of 9 x 13 pan.  Mix brown sugar, sugar, and cornstarch together; sprinkle over blueberries.  In seperate bowl mix oats and flour; cut in butter until crumbly.  Sprinkle over top.  Bake 30-40 minutes, or until light brown and bubbly.  Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.


It’s ready, it’s ready!

Our summer shade jumper pattern is ready for shipping!  We're so happy… it's a very thrilling and satisfying aspect of a designer's life to finally see a pattern done.  And ready to go out. And pretty.  Need we say more? 


You can purchase them through our website here.  Or, they're available through our Etsy Shop.  To all of those ladies who pre-ordered them…. they should be heading your way tomorrow.  We hope everyone is as excited as we are!  Shouldn't we celebrate some way?

Fabric 024 

Oh, that's right.  We bought more fabric to celebrate.  Some to go on our website and some to go up in the Etsy Shop.  Yummy!

Sewing... 002 

And a very happy ending…