look who’s turning 21!


The Lord truly blessed our family 21 years ago — April 26th, 1988 — the day Apphia was born.

What a beautiful, responsible, virtuous young woman The Lord has molded her into.  Daily we see her growing in His ways and how delightful that is!  Apphia is a joy to work alongside and a wonderful example for the other girls in the family.

Thank you, Apphia, for being a wonderful daughter, sister, and friend!

We love you,

    Mom, Achaia, Abigail, and Abiah

say vintage~

It just caught her eye, and she couldn't say no.  Now Abigail has a vintage dress.  From the 50s.  Covered in bright flowers and fruit.

So very Abigail… don't you think?





And just think… all this cuteness for only $8!

We’re back!

Hello, friends!  My, it has been a while, hasn't it?  We are thankful to say that we are home safe and sound, had a lovely time, are catching up on orders, and are now beginning to see the bottom of the laundry pile (well, almost on that last one).  Phew! 

IMG_3109 IMG_3110

                    Enjoying Mexican food at Matt's El Rancho in Austin, TX!

So!  We've got some more good news.  First of all, we're working on some new patterns.  Really, really cute ones.  And new fabrics are in, too.  Which means you'll get to see them soon!  And for those of you that don't know, you can now purchase the tessa bloomers and bag pattern via our Etsy shop. 


Achaia in Fredericksburg at the National Museum of the Pacific War (incredibly interesting, by the way!)  Notice the jumper– hint, hint, hint!!


Abigail and Achaia at Clear River.  The most delicious ice cream ever… especially when eaten with your best friend!

Now, ladies, are you up for a giveaway?  How 'bout some tessa bloomers?  Be back later…

love to all of you!

xo~ the Long ladies

news, news, news…


Happy Tuesday to everyone!

~We just put up a bunch of yummy tessas (in all different colors and sizes) up in our Etsy Shop!

~The tessa pattern is almost done!  They should be ready to ship out on Saturday.  The fronts turned out so, so cute.  We're happy.  A big thank-you to all of you who pre-ordered!  If you haven't yet, there's still time (& you can get free shipping!  The tessa pattern is $14.)… just drop us a line

~Time to say good bye for about a week.  Trip time.  Always interesting and never boring!

~We won't be shipping orders from April 12th through April 22nd.  If you need anything before then, please order before Friday night, or we won't be able to get it to you till after we get back.  But, please feel free to order, write, ask questions, etc.  Lord willing we will be back soon and can answer everyone!  We love hearing from you.

~Lots more fun things to share pretty soon.  Keep checking!

~Have a lovely, blessed Easter celebrating the resurrection of The Lord!~

Good bye for now……

Much Love,

the Long ladies 

hey Eleanor!

She loves her tessa bloomers



DSC_0685 DSC_0689   

                                                                  …and we love her!

Hope you're all having a lovely Lord's Day~

xoxo, the Long ladies  

goodness gracious!

Thank you thank you thank you!  Ladies, we are truly humbled at your enthusiasm over our newest pattern.  And we'd like to offer FREE SHIPPING to everyone who would like to pre-order our tessa bloomers & bag pattern!!  Then, in the next week or two when the patterns get back from the printer (we're only waiting on covers!), we'll ship them out to you.  To put your name on the list, email us!

IMG_4155 IMG_4152

Oh, yes.  One more question.  We're starting to imagine a ladies version of the tessa bloomers (with more style options)… um, what do you think?  If we made them, would you wear them?

xoxo~ the Long ladies

IMG_4252 IMG_4264  


more about tessa…

Thanks for the kind comments about our new tessa bloomers!  We thought you'd like to hear more about the pattern, and how to order it now… so here goes!  But first, some more pictures.

jump shots~




About the tessa bloomers pattern…

~sizes 2 through 14 included

~comfortable elastic waist

~full sized pattern pieces (for every size!)

~printed on high quality paper, perfect for tracing multiple sizes

~easy to follow, fully illustrated instructions

~great for beginning seamstresses

~professional results

~oh yes, pattern pieces and instructions included for the tessa bag in 2 sizes!


If you would like to be the first to order tessa, shoot us an email!  We are looking at the next two weeks for the patterns to come back from the printer.  And, for the first 10 people who pre-order, we'll ship your tessa bloomers & bag pattern out for free!

Questions?  Leave us a comment– we love hearing from you!

xoxo, the Long ladies


PS~ We used Darla by Tanya Whelan to create our samples!