Pop for your projects!

We are soooo excited about these newest fabric collections!!  They are great fun to use (trust us!) and they handle exceptionally well.  Oh so pretty!


Pop Garden and Bijoux

        by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit

We have some sweet biancas planning to go up in the shop soon, and a new gracie ruffle skirt!  Plus, most of you probably remember the cute collection we made with these for Emerson.


Farmer's Market

        by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller

Remember the cute clothing collection we showed y'all?  Better yet, Farmer's Market makes adorable aprons, bags, and gracie ruffle skirts!

Now can you get much better than that?  Not in our book!

** Please note that these newest fabric lines are not up on our site as of yet.  Lord willing they will be up in the very near future.  If you are interested in Pop Garden and Bijoux OR Farmer's Market, don't hesitate to contact us via email.  We are more than happy to send you pictures, and work with you from there.  Thanks you so much for your patience and understanding as we are working out the kinks!

mixin’ and matchin’

Hello everyone!  Slowly but surely, we're checking those must-do's off of our listphew!  So now we want to share our latest project with all of you.  We had the pleasure of designing a collection of mix-and-match clothing for two sweet little girls.  It was so much fun!  In future posts, we'd like to give you some pointers on creating your own clothing collections– we've found that by combining the right fabrics and pieces, you can really make dozens of outfits. 

Here it is, folks!  (And that's not everything…) 


IMG_2066 IMG_2095 

IMG_2071 IMG_2084  

IMG_2110  IMG_2077  

By the way, this collection does feature a brand new fabric line– introduction soon?

List Making…


marie-madeline studio fat quarters 

Alright… so we've not been posting like we should be.  Life has been pretty (well, extremely!) busy.  Do you ever know what it's like to have a business, be making exciting progresses, but you can't share them just yet?  Well, those of you that have a business, especially a designing business like ours, can surely sympathize with us.  So, instead of filling lots of posts with random thoughts, we're going to smack it all together into one of those famous (–or is it "infamous"?)  "Long lists"—- here goes!!

:: Making things like crazy… surprising?

:: Sewing up an adorable matching collection for two sweet little girls out of a brand new fabric collection — pictures promised!

:: Eating lots of pizza.  We are self-confessed pizza lovers.  One time recently we had pizza at least once every day for a whole week!  And after we found a quick pizza recipe when we don't have time for our Friday night pizza, we settle for this!

:: Working more on the website.  We never realized there was so much into making a user friendly website. Nuff said.

:: Getting new fabrics in.  And loving them!  (Lord willing they'll be up for sale soon!)

:: New patterns fronts being made— Yippee!!  We will be jumping for joy when these puppies are finished! (You'll be one of the first to know about it too)

:: Coming out with two new patterns for two of our designs plus a first-ever-for-marie-madeline-studio… a kit!  We're really excited to get these yummies out to all of you. 

:: Making new items for all the new pattern fronts.  Imagine that.

:: Do you think we can make any time for personal sewing? 

:: Saying good-bye to summer!

:: Now we're off to make supper (pizza!) and go have a photo shoot for another pattern front.

Have a lovely evening~

the Long ladies

happy birthday, Mommanee!

Today is a very special day.  Very special because it is the day our Mom was born, forty-four years ago.  There is no one like our Mommanee… she is the most wonderful wife and mother in the whole world.  And today we are thanking The Lord for her life!

Nanny & mom  Swimming, abi's dress and skirt 004

                    Mom with Nanny in 1966                                                 Mom in 2008

We are thanking Mom for all of the times she did without so we wouldn't have to.  All the times she dried our eyes on her apron, and all the times she made the hurt go away with some kisses and a band-aid.  For all of the special little things she does for us every day– every minute. 

Mom, we love you forever and ever!