Blueberry Blues

You know summer’s really here when it’s blueberry pickin’ time! Earlier this week Dad took all of us kids (Ethan included!) to go try our hands at picking blueberries. We’re great fans of fresh grown blueberries, and thanks to some friend’s help, we found a u-pick blueberry farm not too far from our house. We didn’t end up taking pictures while we were there… too busy… but have pictures of what we brought home! For those of you who have never done it before, it’s really quite simple and actually enjoyable. And with a dad and seven kiddos picking it only takes about 2-2 1/2 hours to get 41 pounds of blueberries!! By the way, we had to make some yummy muffins (did you ever hear how muffin crazy we are? In one week we had muffins about 5 days!) and a good dessert for Dad and the boys. We’re sending the muffin recipe along…. these taste New York bakery style!




World’s Best Blueberry Muffins

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Beat 3/4 cup softened butter on low until creamy. Gradually add 1 3/4 cups plus 2 TBSP sugar, beating on medium. Beat in 6 eggs, one at a time, and 1 TBSP vanilla. Combine 5 1/4 cups all-purpose flour, 2 TBSP baking powder, and 2 tsp. salt. Alternately beat in flour and 1 1/3 cups milk. Toss 3 cups blueberries with 2 tsp. flour; fold into batter. Divide batter among approx. 42 muffin cups. Optional topping: Combine 1/3 cup flour with 2 TBSP sugar and cut in 2 TBSP softened butter to form crumbs. Sprinkle over muffins. Bake 25-35 minutes, until cooked through. Makes 42 yummy muffins!

Surprise, surprise!!


Today is the day for really exciting surprise #1 (that’s right, there is a #2) to be announced….

There is now an official marie-madeline studio website!  And do you know what we are planning to sell via the new site?  Our sewing patterns, of course, and ready-made pretties.  But this is the best news you’ve heard all day: we’re selling fabric by the yard!  So you can easily recreate any of the fun projects we’ve shown you on our blog, all with our fabulous high-quality fabrics (and some new ones, too).  Here are just a few of the beautiful lines we’ve stocked for this summer….

Img_0411 Img_0316

Img_0356 Img_0328


As usual, there is a downside to this wonderful news.  The site is still partially under construction, so purchasing (for the time being) will have to be done by contacting us.  We know, we know.  But soon, Lord willing, it’ll all be done!  And don’t you think the results will be worth the effort?


So please stop by and give us your opinion of the new look…. which will eventually be on our business cards, brochures, and pattern fronts!

Back to blogging….

Hello everyone!  It's really been a while…. we've spent the last few days getting back into the swing of things.  Laundry is done.  House is clean.  Everything is back in it's place after a two-week vacation extravaganza.  And we're back to business as usual.

But first, some fun vacation pictures!

Paps and Nan's home (where we lived for two weeks with only one bathroom!)…


the front steps…


Achaia at Louie's Coney Island…


playing games in the back yard…


More pictures coming soon.  And oh yes, weren't we supposed to announce something exciting?

Where We’ve Been….

This is the lovely little place where we’ve spent the past two weeks… we plan to be back again real soon… laundry, cooking, cleaning, and business waiting… Have a great day and enjoy the pictures~ the Longs

Img_1411 Img_1412




So long, farewell!

We’re off again…. to Indiana this time!  Don’t plan on being back for about twelve days.  But keep in touch because we have some really exciting things to announce when we get back.  Really, really exciting!

Oh, it’s hurry-up-and-throw-it-in-the-car-if-you’re-taking-it time…. 192 pounds of luggage and still counting.

Ah, family vacations!



makes the most gorgeous pillows!  The latest phase of my room-redecoration….


The black and white polka dot is Daydreams by Deb Strain for Moda.  I found the gold moire at Hobby Lobby for 40% off!  And the pale pink, pale yellow, and gold damask were all vintage flea market finds…. I made the pale pink pillows and the pale yellow pillow out of tablecloths– the remnant for the bolster was only 50 cents!

This is the best makeover yet, no?

Operation– Decorate Army Sack!


Trying to find the "zapper" for the front of my army sack took a little time, and plenty of trial-and-error. But after working with it, I think we found a winner!! Here’s some of the concotions we came up with before we hit on just the right one….





These just weren’t cutting the mustard! Then, I found (with the help of my wonderful comrades) this group… it’s a keeper with me!


P.S. I had to add a picture of the "vintage" packages some of the patches came in. It may be hard to believe, but some of them really were in the original packaging!