Patterns, pink walls, and pillow shams

This_and_that_304_3At this moment I feel as though I’ve lived patterns for the last few weeks. But now– finally– they are ready to go to the printer! What a major relief. It’s still difficult for me to believe that the first-ever marie-madeline patterns will be debuting in the next month or so! That’s the grace of God, let me tell you. Three down and about, maybe,  20 to go?

My workspace in the studio is incredibly crowded… so crowded in fact, that I often have my stuff strewn all about the house on every available countertop and table. However, my brilliant Dad has finally come up with a plan. After eighteen years of sharing a bedroom with one of my sisters, I have a room of my own… complete with workspace. (In other words, this was a very logical and reasonable way to keep my things somewhat contained!) When I moved in the room was a blank canvas. Completely white and completely empty. I painted it the most gorgeous shade of pink last week…. now it glows every day when the sun comes peeping through my window. Pictures can’t really do it justice at all.Apphias_bedroom_001

That’s the wall for my personal "studio". I have enough room for a six-foot table! I plan on having some shelves hung to accomodate my jars of piddle. Still haven’t found a good table, but we plan to go flea marketing one day this week. Flea markets yield the best furniture! Like this little blue chair that I picked up a couple of weeks ago in Oklahoma….This_and_that_247

In my spare time I’ve been sewing up some new pillow shams, too. I am doing my room in Freshcut fabrics by Heather Bailey… that vintage-modern feel is wonderful!Apphias_bedroom_006Apphias_bedroom_010  

Hopefully I’ll post some more updates soon!

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Lots to do

Here I am working on changing from the "summer" bedroom to the "winter" bedroom.  One of my current fabric passions is Barefoot Roses, so I’ve decided to make the winter look with the rose, stripe and polka dot pillows to top the white chenille bedspread.  I like how they’re turning out so far.  Here’s the work in progress…. I trust I’ll soon have a finished product for you to view.



Other than working on the pillows, we are planning fall/winter clothes to sew, patterns to continue developing, etc…  Needless to say, having 8 children (ages 20 to 4) keeps me plenty busy with "creative pursuits".

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